Sitemap - 2023 - The Illusion of Consensus

Episode 20: Dr. Reid Sheftall On Questioning The Covid Narrative

Early-access Video Podcast: Immunologist Steve Templeton

Early-access: Renowned Immunologist Steve Templeton on 'Fear of a Microbial Planet'

Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Special

Special Moment: Talking To Russell Brand On His Show

Live in 45 minutes! Q+A with Dr. Jay and Rav A.

Live Q+A With Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Rav Arora Tomorrow: 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT

New Essay: The COVID Wars

Episode 18: Jeff Childers On Fighting Covid Mandates In Court

Return From Hiatus: Back To Regularly Scheduled Programming!

Episode 19: Natalya Murakhver On Advocating For Children's Health and Livelihood During the Pandemic

Early Access Podcast: Jeff Childers On Opposing The Covid Regime In Court + Heading To London!

Full Video Podcast: Jeff Childers on Fighting Covid Mandates as an Attorney

Can Sam Harris Pull Back From The Brink Of Covid Misinformation?

Episode 17: Kevin Bardosh On Harms From Lockdowns

Early Access Podcast: Dr. Kevin McKernan on DNA Contamination of MRNA Vaccines

Video Podcast: Dr. Kevin McKernan on DNA Contamination of MRNA Vaccines

Watch Rav Arora and Russell Brand’s Interview Livestream

Why Canada's New Regulations For Podcast Platforms Are Cause For Serious Alarm

Moral Emergencies Are The True Test of One's Commitment to Free Speech

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Talks To Russell Brand

Episode 16: Dr. Azadeh Khatibi on Opposing California's Medical Censorship Bill

Full Video Interview: Dr. Azadeh Khatibi and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

Kevin Bass: I Was Wrong About the Covid Vaccines — and it Ended Up Likely Harming Me

We’re fighting the Covid censors

Episode 15: Gabrielle Bauer On Her New Book 'Blindsight is 2020'

Episode 14: Dr. Joseph Fraiman On Changing His Covid Views, Treating Patients Early in the Pandemic, and Authoring the Most Comprehensive Study on mRNA Vaccine Side Effects

Panel Discussion With Ron DeSantis

First Live Event with Dr. Jay and Rav! The George Jonas Freedom Award in Calgary

Starting Live in 2.5 Hours!

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New Q+A Episode with Dr. Jay B and Rav Arora!

Dr. Jay B and Rav Arora Discuss The Return of Covid Restrictions, The Problem of Misinformation, and Civil Liberties

BREAKING: Government Files Motion To Halt The Court's Anti-Censorship Orders In Missouri v. Biden Case

New Episode: Rav Arora and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Discuss Missouri v. Biden

My Interview On The Hill: Biden’s Covid Censorship Struck Down In Court

The Government Censored Me and Other Scientists. We are Winning the Battle as We Head to the Supreme Court.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Reveals Stanford University's Attempts To Derail COVID Studies

Breaking News: Court Prohibits Biden Admin, CDC, And FBI From Coercing Online Platforms To Censor Content

NEW Podcast: Dr. Jay B. Talks To Censored Doctor Joseph Fraiman - Author Of Alarming mRNA Vaccine Safety Study

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Talks To Censored Doctor Joseph Fraiman

WATCH: Rav Arora On Triggernometry Break Down The Corruption Of Mainstream Media, The Gaslighting On Vaccine Injuries, And The Fall Of Sam Harris

Exciting Sneak Peak + Labor Day Sale

Reader Responses To My Viral Debate With Mark Cuban

Episode 13: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty On The Violation Of Bioethical Principles During The Covid Pandemic

Upcoming Q+A With Dr. Jay And Rav Arora

Cardiologist Regrets Vaccinating Young People At His Clinic: "That Was A Mistake On My Part"

My Viral Debate With Mark Cuban Over Vaccinating Young, Healthy People Spurred By A Mention On Joe Rogan's Podcast

Dr. Jay's Appearance On Talk TV With Dr. Deborah Birx

Episode 12: Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (Part 2)

My Interview With Ben Shapiro

Rav Arora Mentioned On The Joe Rogan Experience!

Episode 12: The Robert Malone Interview (Part 1) - Must-Listen

Episode 11: Kelley Krohnert On The CDC's Misinformation

Episode 10: Dr. Kat Lindley on The Global Health Project

The Illusion of Consensus Has A Spirit Animal?

Episode 9 - The Evolution of Alex Berenson: The New York Times, Spy Novels, Cannabis, Covid, and Censorship

Full Video: Alex Berenson Joins Dr. Jay and Rav For a Two Hour Podcast

Episode 8: Awakening To The Reality Of Covid With Kevin Bass

The High Tragedy of the Pandemic

My Appearance On CNN Discussing Missouri v. Biden

Jay Bhattacharya – Rewriting the COVID Narrative

NEW: Rav and Jay Break Down The Missouri v. Biden Ruling

Listen Now: Rav and Dr. Jay's First Q+A Episode

Early Access: Rav and Jay's First Q+A

The insanity of the media blackout on my win over Twitter

Virtual Coffee With Jay and Rav Next Week + July 4th Sale!

Part Two: Dr. Jay's Congressional Testimony

My Congressional Testimony On March 27th

First Q+A With Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Rav Arora Tomorrow!

Part 3: How Top Media Outlets Blocked My Coverage of Alex Berenson's Landmark Lawsuit Against Twitter

Bret W. and Dr. Jay B. Discuss Recent Covid News on The Rubin Report

Exclusive Interview: Dr. Ladapo Exposing The Corrupt FDA And CDC (Part 1)

Rav Arora's New Media Exposé Featured On The DarkHorse Podcast

Episode 5: Unraveling The Destructive Censorship Industrial Complex

Editor at "Pro-Vaccine Publication" Experienced Serious Adverse Event After Second Pfizer Shot

New Israeli Data: No Known Covid Deaths in Healthy People Under 50

URGENT: New South Korean Study Identifies High Rate of Severe Myocarditis Cases

Thanks, Joe Rogan!

My Jimmy Dore Appearance: Breaking Down The L.A Times' Misinformed Hit-Piece

Talking To Dr. Joseph Ladapo Today: What Should I Ask Him?

The Dangerous Illusion of Scientific Consensus

My Exchange With Gov. Ron DeSantis At His Presidential Launch On Twitter

WATCH: Dr. Jay and Rav Arora on Rubin Report

Correction: Episode 3 NOW LIVE

Episode 3: Citizens Confront Fauci, Rochelle Walensky Lies in Congress, and the Fallacies of a Study on 300,000 Vaccine-preventable Deaths

What I Learned From Twitter HQ

How Major Media Outlets Suppressed My COVID Journalism

Episode 2: The Danger of Blindly Deferring to The "Experts"

Episode 1: Covid Narratives Clash

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