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The Illusion of Consensus
Episode 12: The Robert Malone Interview (Part 1) - Must-Listen

Episode 12: The Robert Malone Interview (Part 1) - Must-Listen


Hello Illusion of Consensus community,

Today’s special edition podcast episode features a must-listen, long-form exchange with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Robert Malone — two scientists who have maintained great courage, bravery, and resilience throughout the pandemic. This is part one of a larger 2+ hour conversation the two doctor-heretics engage in.

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Highlighted Transcript

How Amazon took down Dr. Robert and Jill Malone’s book on how to prepare for Covid-19:

Jill got going writing a book that I helped co-author on how to prepare and protect yourself from the novel coronavirus. We sat here in the house next to each other on the couch working on our computers and she published that using self-publishing through Amazon in the first week of February 2020.

It was subsequently taken down without explanation by Amazon in March. We finally found out that the explanation for why it was taken down was that it had violated community guidelines.

The book was written really for the people around us - the average person and it was just standard stuff relating to known mitigation measures in the event of an infectious disease outbreak .

We were perplexed - we had over 100 references written in an academic style, a detailed chapter on the novel coronavirus and what was known at the time that I wrote. It was standard guidance. We did discuss masks - we discussed the data in support and the data against the use of masking and it was very data-based but then translated into common language and was selling quite good. And so we were perplexed as you are now and tracked it down.

Immediately preceding this there was a series of meetings at the White House with the WHO, Amazon, and Google, and many others focused on the threat of mis and dis-information with Covid and of course there were these famous FOIA emails from Zuckerberg to Tony Fauci very early on in the pandemic in January 2020.

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How Robert Malone first became involved in the Covid pandemic response:

Dr. Michael Callahan gave me a ring on January 4th and told me that there was this novel coronavirus circulating in Wuhan since the end of December that was looking like it was out of control and it was a major biologic threat. He asked that I engage in this as I had with prior outbreaks and bring together a team, which is one of my core skills.

What I did at that time, as I usually do, is I worked up a threat assessment after gathering what I could from the literature and lay sources and other sources of information about and networking with colleagues about this novel coronavirus. My assessment was that the timeline for developing a safe and effective vaccine, given that the history of coronavirus vaccine development for humans was abysmal a history of repeated failure combined with the threat of antibody dependent enhancement and a very similar story.

But my assessment was that rather than developing a safe and effective vaccine, even though I'm a vaccinologist at that point but also a specialist in drug repurposing, the best option to mitigate the threat was to act promptly to identify existing licensed repurposed drugs.

I set about to build a team to do that using throughput screening and computational drug docking and design and pulled together volunteers including a team that I was already working with seeking to develop agents which would be countermeasures for some of the chemical bio threat agents and we got going and among you know within a few weeks. We had screened hundreds of thousands of compounds the entire library of all licensed compounds and known nutraceuticals using computational approaches

Dr. Malone on being mystified by the abysmal pandemic response":

I conclude that there were forces at work here that I still don't understand and I'm still mystified by the almost complete and total disconnect between well-established public health and infectious disease norms for outbreaks and the actual on the ground management that was performed.

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Dr. Malone on FDA corruption and regulatory affairs:

A little fun fact as an aside: if Tony Fauci or one of his lieutenants was to come up with an idea about what was absolutely necessary for research or development for anything, in general the studies show it would take five years from concept to awarding a contract or grant. That's how inefficient the bureaucracy is and so DARPA is allowed to bypass a lot of that stuff in the interests of national security and time.

And so it's given kind of a carte blanche to break the rules that normally exist and we've seen that also in the use of the other mechanism…To bypass the normal federal acquisition regulations in the acquisition of the specific mRNA vaccine such as Pfizer and Moderna.

Jay as you know now we're in a situation where there's a cadre that growing cadre of virus deniers and certainly a large number of people who believe that the government should not be involved in any of this activity involving biodefense. I wish that we didn't have to have some rational basis for rapid development of medical countermeasures.

What we've seen is that what many of us including myself had thought was the norm in regulatory affairs were now forced into a situation of recognizing that there is example after example after example not just in the corona crisis. The opioid crisis is another great example and there's many others where what the FDA enumerates in their guidances as the norms for advancing a medical therapeutic are frequently bypassed or given short shrift in response to various forms of political pressure and others what we've seen here is really is not that much of an aberration. It's like the system has come off its gimbals.

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