The Illusion of Consensus
The Illusion of Consensus
Exclusive Interview: Dr. Ladapo Exposing The Corrupt FDA And CDC (Part 1)

Exclusive Interview: Dr. Ladapo Exposing The Corrupt FDA And CDC (Part 1)

For the first time, Dr. Joseph Ladapo methodically explains how he is publicly challenging the CDC and FDA's dangerous vaccine guidance. Read the highlighted transcript or listen to the 1-hour show.
Surgeon General Ladapo's views caused 'acrimony,' former supervisor says

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“I have such trouble, truly and personally, with the degree of contempt for honesty that the FDA and CDC demonstrate. They're not interested in informed decision-making — they're interested in everyone believing one thing about these vaccines and ignoring concerns about safety.”

— Dr. Ladapo in The Illusion of Consensus Substack

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to release the first part of independent journalist Rav Arora’s conversation with Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo on how he is actively confronting the medical establishment (FDA, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna etc) and its dangerous propaganda. Rav and Dr. Ladapo carefully examine the FDA and CDC’s fallacy-ridden response to Dr. Ladapo’s original letter flagging serious vaccine concerns, as well as Dr. Ladapo’s scathing new letter rebutting their misleading claims (“the benefits outweigh the risks”).

As a society, we are at a loss that virtually no public health figures in positions of power are challenging the mainstream dogma, but Dr. Ladapo’s singular efforts offer a glimmer of hope in the Sisyphean battle against the “forces that have directed this train-wreck.”

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Highlighted transcript (lightly edited for readability) below.

Dr. Ladapo on being surprised the CDC and the FDA responded to his letter with their own long-form response:

I was grateful that they actually responded because as everyone who has been an honest observer of dissenting opinions during the pandemic knows, engagement with the forces that have directed the train-wreck of a course we've taken through the pandemic has just been a non-starter.

You look back at the FDA, the CDC, and the federal government and you realize they want Americans to live in a state of denial. But denial is not a healthy place to be and it robs us of the opportunity to learn and do better in the future.

Some of the things that the FDA/CDC say [in their letter] and some of the things they don't say but are also true that would influence the validity of their statements — I can't help but believe that they know exactly what they're doing.

It's pretty effing gross to be frank.

March 13th - FDA and CDC respond to Dr. Ladapo

Dr. Ladapo on the stunning rise in adverse events after the mRNA vaccine roll-out in Florida:

In Florida, we saw a 400% increase in the number of vaccines administered during the pandemic but a 1700% increase in the number of adverse events reported and over a 4000% increase in the number of serious adverse events.

Is it possible that the increase in reporting is totally due to just people being more aware? I mean it's possible. Does it make any sense in the world to put every egg in that basket? Of course it doesn't make any sense in the world, particularly when there's a plethora of different types of adverse events that have been reported in the literature.

So the FDA and CDC’s preference is to ignore, which is again what happened all throughout the pandemic when doctors or PhD scientists would say, “hey I don't think this is a good policy to forcibly mask children or to close the schools.”

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On the CDC and FDA’s “disgusting” lie that more awareness of vaccine adverse events has primarily caused the sharp uptick in VAERS reports:

They think they can get away with ignoring this increase and while I don't know with certainty, my concern from the totality of the evidence is that it's more than just awareness or reporting.

Another really disgusting thing they like to say and pretend is the cause of increased VAERS reports is “doctors providing covid-19 vaccines are required to provide [adverse event] entries.” If medical professional providing Covid-19 vaccines were actually disciplined and really fastidious about entering adverse events after they administered these mRNA vaccines, there would probably be 50 times as many reports in VAERS.

They they don't say anything about this anymore, but this has been formally studied and VAERS is totally underreported, historically. That's always been the case.

What is bad is pretending that everything's okay when you don't know if everything's okay — and that's been the straight-up playbook of the CDC and the FDA.

It's gross and we're going to keep hammering them

Dr. Ladapo on the still-unquantified cardiac risks associated with the mRNA vaccine:

They’re ignoring the fact that sudden cardiac deaths that don't get autopsies but are related to these vaccines will not show up in the data as being related to these vaccine.

Why is no one asking why we don't know more about subclinical myocarditis? What's our threshold for seeing troponins rise in healthy people?

Let's hope we actually get those data. The study from Thailand had a 2 - 3% rate of troponin elevation in adolescent boys. Also, this abstract from a paper was that was presented at a European Cardiology conference of healthcare employees in Switzerland showed a 3% rate of troponin elevation.

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Dr. Ladapo on the irony of the medical establishment issuing guidance in past years on the dangers of children being hooked on screens, all the while supporting prolonged school closures and digitalized “remote learning” during the pandemic:

It's very important to remember just how wrong these leaders were. These were the same people — like the American Academy of Paediatrics — that were years ago issuing guidance about limiting screen time because it's bad for kids to be engaged in screens for long periods of time when they should be outside with their friends and playing and running around.

During Covid, public health used scientific gymnastics in their wording to justify sticking kids in front of screens for hours a day for “remote schooling.”

I'm going to continue my work because it's really important to see just how wrong these guys were — no one ought to forget how these guys were marching peacock chest-out on television saying that little kids should be wearing masks when they’re learning speech and how to interpret facial expressions.

Dr. Ladapo on exceptional scientists who challenged the mainstream dogmas on Covid:

Many doctors around the world — such as Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya — were voicing opposition to the medical establishment but all that time they got very little actual airtime. It was very grassroots in terms of their ability to influence the thoughts and beliefs of their fellow Americans.

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