MUST-WATCH Episode 36: Martin Kulldorff On Why He Was Fired From Harvard

Martin Kulldorff publicly talks about his firing from Harvard for the first time.

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Hello everyone,

I am extremely pleased to bring you this new conversation with my friend and Great Barrington Declaration colleague Dr. Martin Kulldorff. Martin is an epidemiologist and biostatistician by training and I hold him with the highest respect due to his willingness to challenge unquestionable orthodoxy on all sides of the scientific debate.

In this critical conversation we discuss a number of hot topics, most crucially Martin’s firing from Harvard for his opposition to vaccine mandates. He has broken the silence on this tragic issue and we are happy to host his first public conversation on the matter.

We also discuss Martin’s firing from the CDC over the J&J vaccine and Harvard’s generally unscientific response to the pandemic. The conversation concludes with a discussion on decentralizing and reforming the scientific community.

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  • Harvard's response to the pandemic, including the firing of Martin Kulldorff, raises concerns about academic freedom and the need for reform in the scientific community.

  • There is a lack of randomized trial data on vaccine efficacy for older people, particularly in relation to reducing hospitalizations and deaths.

  • Vaccine trials have limitations in assessing rare conditions and long-term efficacy and adverse reactions.

  • Post-approval monitoring of vaccine safety is necessary to identify and address side effects.

  • The controversy over the CDC's pause on the J&J vaccine rollout had a negative impact on public trust and vaccine uptake.

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00:00 Introduction and Background

14:12 Early Thoughts on the Pandemic

30:36 Meeting at the White House

48:46 The Great Barrington Declaration

52:40 Challenges and Attacks

58:25 Assessing the Vaccine Trials

01:01:48 The CDC's Pause on the J&J Vaccine

01:04:39 The Need for Exemptions and Accommodations

01:09:49 Harvard's Vaccine Mandate and Firing

01:14:47 Martin's Experience with COVID-19

01:18:24 Harvard's Treatment of Martin

01:27:06 Assessing Harvard's Response to the Pandemic

01:31:17 The Need for Reform in the Scientific Community

01:35:46 Bright Spots and Moving Forward


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The Illusion of Consensus
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