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Episode 34: Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg Reveals Losing Her Job At UC Davis Over Polarizing Vaccine Myocarditis Research

Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg reveals for the first time how conducting honest research on vaccine myocarditis cost her position at UC Davis.

Hi everyone,

Today we are delighted to host epidemiologist Dr. Tracy Beth Høeg, one of the most respected mRNA vaccine myocarditis researcher. Tracy explains how she started monitoring reports from Israel and noticed an unexpected rate of myocarditis in young males following the Pfizer vaccine. Dr. Høeg highlights the importance of accurately identifying cases of myocarditis using the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and consulting with cardiologists. She also discusses the ethics of vaccine mandates, emphasizing the need for individual choice and informed decision-making.

Most strikingly, Dr. Høeg opens up for the first time about her personal experiences of facing backlash and losing her job due to her controversial research findings on vaccine myocarditis.

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  • Denmark and Sweden reopened schools early on and had positive outcomes with low transmission rates among children and teachers.

  • The CDC guidelines on school closures and masking were not based on scientific evidence and were influenced by political factors.

  • Studies have shown that masks have limited effectiveness in preventing transmission, especially among children.

  • Vaccines have been found to cause myocarditis, particularly in young men. Myocarditis is a concerning side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly in young males.

  • Accurate identification of myocarditis cases is crucial, and consultation with cardiologists is necessary.

  • The ethics of vaccine mandates should consider individual choice and informed decision-making.

  • Researchers and scientists may face personal costs, including backlash and job loss, for their work during the pandemic.

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00:00 Introduction and Background

01:05 Tracy's Expertise and Experience

03:00 Life in Denmark and Career Decisions

04:21 PhD and Ultramarathon Medicine

06:30 Moving to the United States

07:02 Views on Lockdowns in 2020

08:18 Different Policies in Denmark and the United States

12:50 Empirical Data on School Closures

16:46 Study on School Reopening in Wisconsin

11:19 CDC Guidelines and Masking in Schools

24:11 Study on Mask Effectiveness

32:00 Debate on Masking in Schools

34:13 Study on Mask Mandates in North Dakota

43:29 Myocarditis as a Side Effect of Vaccines

44:00 Concerns about Myocarditis

47:06 Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

49:02 Comparing Myocarditis Rates

52:12 Ethics of Vaccine Mandates

01:02:17 Personal Costs of Research

01:08:23 Loss of Job at UC Davis

01:16:05 Smearing In Response to the Urgency of Normal

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The Illusion of Consensus
The Illusion of Consensus
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