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Major Release: Cardiologist Dr. Anish Koka On Changing His Mind On Vaccinating Young, Healthy People (Episode 39)

As a clinician in Philadelphia having swiftly administered the mRNA vaccines, Dr. Anish Koka came to realize the lack of safety and efficacy data. Few doctors openly express such epistemic humility.

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to be finally releasing this podcast episode after shelving it for months due to external repercussive concerns (outside of my control) which prevented me from sharing it with everyone.

This 3-hour long conversation is with Philadelphia cardiologist Dr. Anish Koka. He is one of the few brave voices in the cardiology community that changed his views in real time and spoke out against mass Covid vaccination absent any reliable safety and efficacy data for cardiac outcomes in particular.

Myocarditis happens to be the most common severe adverse event associated with the mRNA vaccines — concentrated in young, healthy men — and instead of honestly discussing the risks and benefits, the CDC and FDA gaslit the public and harmed untold numbers of young people who no conceivable reason to benefit.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Dr. Anish Koka and I discuss how he came to regret vaccinating young, healthy people at his clinic and his comprehensive analysis of the relevant vaccine myocarditis data.

We need more clinicians and scientists like Dr. Koka. This podcast may offer a glimmer of hope.

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Quotes from the podcast:

“Me running around saying it's ‘safe and effective,’ and giving it to 17-year-olds, given that most of the patients that were in the vaccine studies weren't 17-years-old — I wasn't technically correct.”

“This is a very cardioactive vaccine”

“I would not give it to low risk people again…That was a mistake on my part.”


  • The data suggests that COVID-19-related myocarditis is different from vaccine-related myocarditis, with the latter showing higher troponin levels and a higher likelihood of scar formation.

  • Myocarditis should not be characterized as a mild condition, as it can have significant consequences and requires hospital care and follow-up.

  • Higher troponin levels indicate more severe heart muscle damage and a higher risk of long-term impacts. Higher cardiac biomarkers indicate more heart muscle damage and a higher chance of long-term impacts

  • The smallpox vaccine had side effects, leading to its discontinuation despite its effectiveness against smallpox.

  • The mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 have shown a higher risk of myocarditis in young men. Myocarditis is more commonly seen with the Moderna vaccine compared to the Pfizer vaccine, likely due to the higher mRNA dose in the Moderna vaccine.

  • The initial vaccine trials had limitations, and the effectiveness of vaccines against new variants is uncertain. Interpreting studies and data related to COVID-19 requires epistemic humility and careful consideration of the baseline risk of viral infections.

  • A study from Korea found severe cases of vaccine myocarditis, highlighting the importance of understanding the severity of adverse events.

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02:21 Evolution of the COVID Vaccine Conversation

08:09 Myocarditis and Previous Vaccines

26:39 Discussion on Vaccine Efficacy

35:22 Uncertainty about Vaccine Benefit

40:25 Limitations of Vaccine Recommendations

43:54 Risk of COVID-19 in Healthy Children

48:10 Granularity and Humility in Public Health

57:31 Differences Between COVID-19 Myocarditis and Vaccine Myocarditis

01:03 Misconceptions about COVID-19 Myocarditis

01:08 Misleading Comparisons of Myocarditis Rates

01:21:36Troponin Levels in Myocarditis Cases

(Note: our podcast editing software was not able to generate full time-stamps for the whole 3 hour show. We apologize for this and aim to contact tech support to ameliorate this)

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