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LAUNCH Date: May 15th! Watch Our New Intro Video Now.


Hi everyone,

We have some exciting news to share: our podcast will officially re-launch on May 15th!

The production company This Is 42 is re-designing the show and upgrading the video and audio quality to provide a much more seamless, refined, and enjoyable experience.

We now have a tentative 15-second video intro embedded above in this post for you to watch! It looks incredible, in our opinion - both the music and bright, highlighted animation.

(What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.)

We will have more details to share in the coming weeks, but we have now locked in a fixed bi-weekly schedule after we launch. Expect episodes twice a week, likely Wednesday and Friday.

Our upcoming guest line-up is nothing short of …. AMAZING! Some clues:

A former Hollywood celebrity turned sobering voice of reason…

An evolutionary biologist who has become one of the most influential voices in the pandemic

A heretic who left her faith in search for new meaning

Two former New York Times journalists on the cutting-edge of modern journalism

And more!

We will provide the full guest line-up soon, exclusive to you - our loyal paid members.

We are still finalizing the details of our new podcast re-boot, but paid members will still gain access to exclusive monthly Q+As and some combination of either early access to new episodes, ad-free versions of episodes, or member-only sections of every podcast episode where we pick paid-member questions for our guests (similar to Triggernometry).

Become a paid member now:

Founding members will get all of this with the added benefit of pitching guests/ideas tous via email (a special address has been created to communicate with us).

Upgrade To Founding Membership

We were having some issues with the account we created, but it is now functioning normally again. We will get back to everyone who emailed over the next 7 days. Apologies for the delay.

Thank you again everyone for sticking with us for close to a year. Your support is greatly appreciated.

We are supremely excited to bring you the next iteration of our show!