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Episode 42: AJ Kay On Harms of School Closures On Kids and Being Censored On Medium For Dissenting From Covid-19 Orthodoxy


Hi everyone,

In this conversation, AJ Kay discusses her early experiences with writing about COVID-19 and the backlash she faced for challenging the mainstream narrative. She shares how her essay on Medium, titled 'The Curve is Already Flat,' was censored and demonetized, leading to the formation of the Rational Ground group. AJ also talks about the impact of school closures on her children, particularly her daughter with autism and her other daughter with special needs. She highlights the loss of services and support that these children relied on and the detrimental effects of isolation and disrupted routines. The conversation highlights the importance of early intervention and support for children with special needs. They express concern for children diagnosed in 2020 who did not receive in-person help for three years, emphasizing the critical period of neuroplasticity in early childhood.

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  • AJ K. faced censorship and deplatforming for challenging the mainstream narrative on COVID-19.

  • The Rational Ground group was formed as a response to the censorship and aimed to provide a platform for independent writers and researchers.

  • School closures had a significant impact on children with special needs, depriving them of essential services and support.

  • The isolation and disrupted routines caused by the pandemic had detrimental effects on the mental health and well-being of children. Early intervention and support are crucial for the development of children with special needs.

  • The period of neuroplasticity in early childhood is finite, and the lack of in-person help during the pandemic may have long-term consequences for children's outcomes.

  • College closures and isolation measures have had negative effects on young adults' socialization and well-being.

  • The trade-off between safety and the loss of important relationships and experiences raises questions about the purpose of protection.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:16 Early COVID Essays

06:37 Censorship on Medium

08:03 Formation of Rational Ground

22:30 Motivation to Speak Out

25:49 Transition to Zoom School

31:32 Impact on Children with Special Needs

34:16 Lack of In-Person Help for Children with Special Needs

39:51 The Effect on College Students

45:36 The Purpose of Life and the Importance of Relationships

52:55 The Great Barrington Declaration and Consent

58:29The Critique of the Great Barrington Declaration

01:00:54 The Inhumane Treatment in Nursing Home

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The Illusion of Consensus
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