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Ep 51: The Polarized Debate over the Origin of COVID-19 With Professor Bryce Nickels


Hi everyone,

In this episode, professor Bryce Nickels and I discuss the debate over the origin of COVID-19, specifically whether it was a lab leak or a natural spillover. We highlight the challenges faced by scientists who question the lab leak theory and the suppression of dissenting voices. We also discuss the risks and ethics of gain-of-function research and the need for transparency and public accountability in the scientific community. The conversation in this part focuses on the deliberate suppression of Jeremy Farrar's involvement in the Nature Medicine paper, the importance of getting the paper retracted to expose the manipulation by top funders, and the hearing on Peter Daszak's role in gain-of-function research. The discussion also touches on the challenges of having different perspectives during the pandemic and the need for a healthier culture of scientific debate and discussion.

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  • The scientific journals have played a role in suppressing the lab leak theory and promoting the natural spillover theory.

  • There is a need to reevaluate the justification for certain types of research, such as studying exotic viruses in labs, and consider the potential risks and ethical implications. There was a deliberate suppression of Jeremy Farrar's involvement in the Nature Medicine paper, which is an ethical violation that needs to be addressed.

  • Getting the paper retracted is important to expose the manipulation by top funders and inform the public and scientific community about the deliberate shaping of the message on the origins of the virus.

  • The hearing on Peter Daszak's role in gain-of-function research was a historic event that may change the future direction of the origins issue and the regulation of risky virology research.

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Sound Bites

  • "The debate over COVID has become something where you have to take sides and stay with everyone that's on your side on every issue."

  • "Biosafety Now's mission is to reduce the risks of lab-generated pandemics and push for public transparency and accountability."

  • "The consensus in the mainstream press and among scientists like Tony Fauci was that there was no debate about the lab leak theory."

  • "Nature medicine. They tried to get into nature and it went into nature medicine."

  • "The paper states that the work was funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is, he was the head of it. So that is a clear, I mean, that's simply just an ethical violation that's as clear as day and nobody can dispute it."

  • "The acknowledgement of malfeasance or misfeasance and misconduct is the most critical thing. And that paper is the one that needs to go first."

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The Illusion of Consensus
The Illusion of Consensus
An independent podcast by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Rav Arora devoted to dismantling weaponized "consensus" in science. Weekly topics include Covid policy, online censorship, holistic medicine, mental health, and well-being.