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Ep 47: Laura Powell On Fighting AB 2098 Medical Censorship Law In California


Hi everyone,

In this episode I interview Laura Powell, a lawyer who fought against a law in California that restricted doctors from discussing their opinions with patients. The law, known as AB 2098, aimed to silence doctors who were expressing views that went against the mainstream narrative. Laura discusses the unconstitutional nature of the law and the chilling effect it had on doctors' free speech rights. She also discusses the role of various organizations, such as the California Medical Association and the No License for Disinformation group, in pushing for the law. Despite facing personal blowback, she is proud of the work she has done and the friendships she has formed.

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  • AB 2098 was a law in California that restricted doctors from discussing their opinions with patients, particularly on topics that went against the mainstream narrative.

  • The erosion of trust in public health institutions has contributed to the skepticism towards mainstream narratives and the importance of allowing doctors to prioritize their patients' interests over public health agendas.

  • The victory in the Hoeg v. Newsom case highlighted the importance of protecting doctors' free speech rights and ensuring that laws are narrowly tailored and not overly vague. Laura Powell started Californians for Good Governance before the case because she saw a lack of opposition to the California law that would have restricted doctors' free speech rights.

  • She testified in front of the California legislature and received a positive response from the judge, who granted a preliminary injunction against the law.

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Sound Bites

  • "It's just frustrating because we actually weren't paid and people were telling lies in order to as an ad hominem attack against us to say we're only doing this because we're getting money."

  • "It's a great free speech victory.

  • "Nobody else was doing this."


00:00 Introduction and Background

03:23 AB 2098: The Unconstitutional Law

10:47 The Role of the California Medical Association

35:06 The Fight for Free Speech Rights for Doctors

44:43 The Erosion of Trust in Public Health Institutions

53:57 The Hoag v. Newsom Case: A Victory for Free Speech

01:00:56 Challenging Unconstitutional Laws

01:06:33 The Need to Stand Up for Free Speech


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