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Ep 45: New Hope For Vaccine Injuries? Dr. Adeel Khan On Successfully Treating Hundreds of Vaccine-Injured Patients At His Regenerative Medicine Clinic


Hi everyone,

This episode was scheduled for public release in a week, but I got too many messages and emails asking when this will be released to everyone. Here it is! In this episode, I interview Dr. Adeel Khan, a leading innovator and clinician in the regenerative medicine space. He runs Eterna Health where he’s treated people like Tony Robbins, Jordan Peterson, and Israel Adesanya.

While the focus of the conversation was initially about the fundamentals of regenerative medicine, we had to discuss vaccine injuries since before we started rolling, Dr. Khan told me how he’s successfully treated hundreds of vaccine-injured patients.

Dr. Adeel Khan explains that stem cell therapy can help regulate and restore the immune system by reprogramming white blood cells to send the right signals. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with chronic inflammation, such as those with myocarditis. Stem cells can interact with the heart muscle and help reduce inflammation. Dr. Khan acknowledges that the stem cell industry is full of shady clinics, but his clinic is focused on research and pushing the field forward. He is confident in his protocols and believes he can successfully treat most vaccine injuries and psychosomatic long COVID cases. He emphasizes the importance of informed consent and the need for more awareness and options for patients.

(NOTE: I am not endorsing any particular treatment or product here. I only gave Dr. Khan a platform to delineate the remarkable success he’s seen at his clinic. I was skeptical in the conversation and pushed him on what seems to be “too good to be true” but Dr. Khan stood his ground and presented a compelling rationale for his clinical protocols. I encourage everyone to go in with an open mind and consider this as a *potentially* highly effective alternative to the current failures in the medical system to treat vaccine-injured patients.)

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  • Dr. Khan emphasizes the importance of a nuanced approach to vaccination and the need to explore alternative treatments for COVID, such as peptides and lifestyle interventions.

  • He highlights the potential risks and benefits of mRNA vaccines, including the use of lipid nanoparticle vectors and the potential for offsite targets and immunogenicity.

  • Stem cell therapy can regulate and restore the immune system by reprogramming white blood cells to send the right signals.

  • Stem cells can interact with the heart muscle and help reduce inflammation in individuals with myocarditis.

  • He is confident in his protocols and believes he can successfully treat most vaccine injuries and long COVID cases.

  • There is not comprehensive, robust RCT evidence on stem cell therapies but they have shown incredible efficacy in various clinical settings. Dr. Khan believes they should be presented as viable alternative or option on the table rather than a magic bullet which can cure all diseases.


00:00 Introduction to Dr. Adeel Khan and Regenerative Medicine

02:27 Shift in Focus to COVID Vaccines and Vaccine Injuries

14:47 Vaccine Mandates and the Lack of Nuanced Approach

23:57 The mRNA Platform and its Issues

39:55 Connecting the Issues with mRNA Vaccines to Vaccine Injuries

41:31 Lack of Transparency and Downplaying by Regulatory Bodies

44:33 The Limitations and Risks of Psychiatric Drugs

53:40 Treating Vaccine Injuries: A Holistic Approach

01:01:16 Restoring Immune and Heart Function with Stem Cells

01:08:57 Addressing the Underlying Causes of Health Issues

01:18:16 Regulating the Immune System and Controlling Inflammation

01:19:06 Retraining the Immune System with Stem Cell Therapy

01:19:55 Treating Myocarditis and Restoring Heart Function

01:21:15 Investing in Research and Legitimizing Stem Cell Therapy

01:22:22 The Importance of Large Clinical Trials and Safety

01:32:46 Restoring Immune Dysregulation with Stem Cell Therapy

01:34:39 Impressive Safety Profile of Stem Cell Therapy

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Sound Bites

  • "There's a lot of undocumented adverse effects that people will never know the true incidence and prevalence of these injuries because they're just not all going to be reported." - Dr. Adeel Khan

  • "I just never understood why we weren't looking or why weren't we promoting healthy lifestyle? Why weren't we promoting peptides like in Russia where they use thymus and alpha-1 and thymulin to literally treat severe COVID?" - Dr. Adeel Khan

  • "Lack of straight answers from Health Canada on COVID vaccines is concerning" - Dr. Adeel Khan

  • "So much of what you do... seems too good to be true." - Rav Arora


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