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Next, I hope you will take on "gender affirming care", which mutilates hundreds and sterilizes thousands of otherwise healthy children every year in the US.

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Why do you persist in implying that elderly benefit from Covid vaccination? Why would that be true, when every other demographic has injury. Can you please explain in more detail? Thank you

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I understand the basis of the remark, along the lines that, given the alleged illness “covid19 is a diminutive threat to the young yet a substantial risk for the elderly. So risk/benefit does not support vaccinating the young but potentially there might be much greater benefit in the elderly”.

Unfortunately there are at least two problems with this:

1. The epidemiological evidence shows that there never was a pandemic, in the USA at least (Rancourt, D et al 2020, 2021, 2022).

2. Even if the government narrative was correct, the serious adverse effect rate, quoted here at 1:800, though others offer evidence of closer to 1% in the frail elderly (recall Norway backing away from indiscriminate mass surveillance injections in 2021, after a substantial spate of deaths rapidly after care home injections?).

3. Those who aren’t aware need to get up to speed and stop pretending. These injections were designed to injure, maim and kill. They contain several, undisguised toxic principals, most obviously the very design. Causing a human body to express a foreign, therefore non-self protein, will cause autoimmune attacks on all transfected cells. The lipid nanoparticles were known a decade ago to concentrate in the ovaries, and there’s no animal reproductive toxicology.

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I hope you will be able to go beyond the Covid Pandemic, though I agree there is a lot of material there... The "overwhelming benefits of gender-affirming care" is another fake consensus. So is the one around the "man-made global warming crisis".

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Very well stated. I was skeptical after I got the virus in late January, 2020. As an Uber/Lyft driver, several times a week I picked up passengers from Philadelphia Airport, often Asians from flights overseas.

I thought I only had a bad flu, and by February 1st it was over. Though I felt healthy again, my sense of smell and taste vanished. Even now it's only 25% of what it had been.

When the lockdowns and masking began, I was very alarmed. Never in history were healthy people quarantined en masse, and nationally. The panic created by authorities was also extremely suspicious, as was the condemnation of widely available anti-malarial drugs in use for 60 years. The moving goalposts of "bending the curve" also proved malicious intent. By June, Uber and Lyft demand was down 70%, and it never really came back. This ongoing catastrophe is the greatest crime in human history.

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Interesting article, thanks. The article certainly leaves me with a healthy suspicion of the medical profession, especially since the unreasonable Covid plandemic mandates.

In Canada many well-informed doctors who voiced their concerns, were excoriated and even fired by the socialist medical system here.

My late husband who was a veterinary scientist with a degree in physiology, trained in South Africa, always maintained that most of the scientific papers published were not worth the paper they were written on. He knew before most medical doctors woke up, that the mRNA vaccine + Spike protein was very harmful . All of our family therefore avoided being vaccinated. Makers of the vaccine did not follow standard safety protocols which needed at least 4 years to develop, as well as trials being cancelled if a small percentage of people had an adverse reactions.

Of course, now people need multiple vaccines, which still don’t prevent them from getting sick, or even dying. Too many practitioners giving the shots don’t care if it is given in veins instead of in the muscle. Therein lies the danger.

Where is the logic that healthy unvaccinated people are harming others?

“It’s not the responsibility of the unvaccinated to protect the vaccinated; that is the vaccine’s job.” (quote from Pandata.org)

Lastly, the food pyramid that put carbohydrates at the top and fat at the bottom, is what veterinarians use to fatten calves. There is no such thing as a carbohydrate deficiency for humans.

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Hi Jay,

You were at Cornell University a short while back and towards the end of the conference you praised Cornell's Covid policy.

Here is your exact quote:

"As I said, I admired the Cornell response while watching it from, from Stanford. It's a tremendously difficult choice with constraints from, from all over the place and manage that as best as possible. There's no way to do it perfectly where everyone's happy. This was just not possible. And David, you handled with grace."

That is a disgusting quote. I guess for you forcing students to take an experimental injection was admirable? Was the fact that Cornell fired staff who refused the injection just a "difficult choice?"

In August of 2020 you advocated for masks, partial lockdowns/restrictions and (anti) social distancing.

That was then and has always been a repulsive position.

How do you claim to be in any way oppostional to policies that you have supported?

You may also want to take a hard look at actual data which illustrates clearly that there was never a pandemic- and many of us spoke about this in Spring 2020.

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Tyranny. It has been the obvious overthrow of America with all the marxist methods used over the last three years to bring in a tyrannical government. Thankfully, the Great Awakening will overcome them.

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My experience in my practice was that many of my patients in their 80's got covid and did fine. They suffered for a few days, then recovered. I believe that we need far more scientific investigation to look at genetic and comorbidity effects. I think that covert chronic inflammation, something present to a huge degree in our western societies due to stresses of all kinds, including poor nutrition over a lifetime, no exercise, poor sleep, little or no social network, all are factors in susceptibility and immune resilience in the face of a bug like covid, lab made or not.

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From my obrservation, the problem with this so called consensus, as you call it (love the phrase), it led to an accepted level of discrimination against those who did not consent.

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We were warned that "Nazi Germany" COULD happen here (in the U.S. and the West). But, by mutual consensus and/or consent, most refused to believe it, and went along with the standard, "blinders-on", deep-in-avoidance-and-denial "reality". The REAL TRUTH, and TRUE REALITY, that sets us free, was never really a "thing" with most people, so the masses fall for it again---the corporate-fascist complete takeover, this time of the entire world, but particularly of the West---and are willingly, blindly and/or passively, marching to their demise as in days not so long ago.

The consensus, obviously, should be with the REAL TRUTH and TRUE REALITY; but, alas, sadly it never is. Most have been thoroughly conditioned to want to be told what to do, what to believe and how to respond, by people who don't truly have their best interests at heart, but are using them to promote an agenda and get most people completely compliant. It works like a charm. The Nazis, who never went away, learned this, and are now using it to "good", and quite successful, effect, inexorably and horribly bringing most of us to our knees, just as designed for a very long time. They want everyone under absolute subjugation and control, and won't be satisfied with anything less.

The PTB, the now "Fourth Reich", aka the billionaire, soon to be trillionaire, psychopathic eugenicist, globalist class, who envision, and are so far bringing about, almost unobstructed, most of us being exterminated. As I alluded to, they have had this agenda for over a hundred years; and, now, they have co-opted most Western and other government bureaucracies, the think tanks, the universities, the NGOs, and so on, all the way down to the blindly-government-and-false-propaganda-trusting, already-enslaved "Proles". The "intelligence" agencies were on board from the start. Now these "neo-Nazis" are carrying out their coup d'gras, in their very well organized, well carried out global(ist) coup d'etat; and, thus, if we aren't already, we will soon be under absolute "Fourth Reich" control and lockdown. Unless We the People of the world put a stop to it. Will we?

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They irony of this article being entitled the dangerous illusion of scientific consensus and then ball-parking the scientific consensus driven narrative of 1 in a million is hilarious. While then also pointing to an article that sites injury in two other vaccines as 1 in 100,000.

Do you think this is pharma’s first rodeo? The childhood vaccine schedule is is rolled out to developing children, which is front loaded in the first non verbal year. Those that can’t express what’s happening to their body. I suppose we are “lucky” that the Covid vax was given to the entire population of healthy adults that can verbalize what’s happening in their body. We have SADS on top of having SIDS now.

I hope these critical thinkers can look at other scientific consensus’s.

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Where are all the court proceedings against the Pharma and Health Authorities? The lack of informed consent would be a good cause for starters. Among others small children and babies with all their lives ahead having been pushed this poisonous brew. Also, the fertility question in doubt, well not so any more.....hereditary next with implications for humanity`s survival?

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Expert opinion is counted as the worst form of evidence even by the "experts". That alone should tell you how reliable "expertise" is.


The people who say "trust the experts" are really just saying "trust me"--because even the experts amongst themselves do not trust the experts.

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Let's be honest about the gold-standard randomized clinical trial mortality results for mRNA vaccines (the ONLY mortality data that are not compromised by healthy vaccine user bias and a whole host of other fatal flaws). In the Pfizer and Moderna gold-standard randomized clinical trials, the older age groups had EXCESS ALL-CAUSE MORTALITY WITH VACCINATION (compared to placebo), even at the height of the pandemic and at peak vaccine effectiveness. In the two clinical trials combined, among the OLDER age groups, there were 21 deaths in the vaccine groups versus 16 deaths in the placebo groups. A 31% INCREASE in all-cause mortality with the "lifesaving" vaccine, in the OLDER age groups. And please, let's not bring the ridiculous "it's not statistically significant" cop-out (translation: "we only have perhaps 75% confidence, instead of the magic 95% confidence, that mRNA vaccines kill more elderly people than they save, therefore all is good and elderly should get the mRNA vaccine"). Would you bring the "it's not statistically significant" card if these results were for ivermectin, or masks, for that matter? Of course not, so don't bring it now just to protect Big Pharma's beloved mRNA vaccine$.

Among the older age group (>65) in the Moderna RCT, there were 9 deaths in the vaccine group versus 6 deaths in the placebo group. https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2113017/suppl_file/nejmoa2113017_appendix.pdf - see page 53, Table S19

Among the older age group (>55) in the Pfizer RCT, there were 12 deaths in the vaccine group versus 10 deaths in the placebo group. https://www.fda.gov/media/152256/download - see page 57, BOTTOM of Table 25

And finally, the same age-related trend appears in VAERS as well, over 70% of unexpected post-vaccine deaths with known ages were in people aged >65 (and about 90% with known ages were in people over age 50). https://openvaers.com/covid-data/mortality

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They can't exist without illusions they create. All of it crumbles like the illusion that all of these major global chaotic events happening at once is just organic and uncontrollable.

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