Episode 35: Paul Thacker On The Illusion of Consensus Of Masking


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Hi everyone,

This conversation with esteemed journalist Paul Thacker explores the evidence hierarchy and the conflicting views on the effectiveness of masks. It discusses the Cochrane Collaborative's reviews on masks, which found insufficient high-quality evidence to support their effectiveness The conversation concludes with a reflection on the need for critical thinking and questioning in the face of political alignment.

Overall, the conversation sheds light on the illusion of consensus surrounding masking during the pandemic.

- Jay

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  • The Cochrane Collaborative's reviews found insufficient high-quality evidence to support the effectiveness of masks.

  • There is pressure in public health and medicine to promote masks as a precautionary measure, even in the absence of strong evidence.

  • Masks became a distraction from other important pandemic issues, such as school closures and lockdown policies.

  • Honesty and transparency are crucial in medicine, even when faced with uncertainty.

  • Masks may provide a false sense of security and have potential psychological and physical harms.

  • Conflicts of interest and corrupted scientific agencies can undermine trust in public health recommendations.

  • There is a need to allow for open discussion and dissenting views in order to foster scientific progress and public trust. Attacks on scientists like Tom Jefferson are often politically motivated.

  • The Democratic Party and Biden administration have aligned themselves with certain scientific positions, regardless of the evidence.

  • The hierarchy of evidence, including RCTs, is being disregarded in favor of political agendas.

  • Corruption and ego play a role in the promotion of certain scientific narratives.

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00:00 Introduction: Evidence Hierarchy and Conflicting Views on Masks

00:30 Cochrane Collaborative's Reviews on Masks

06:23 The Limitations of Medicine and Public Health

10:36 The Psychological Impact of Masks

19:22 The Corrupted Scientific Agency

23:21 Lack of Trust in the CDC

24:48 Conflicts of Interest in Mask Research

26:53 Political Motivations

36:08 Lack of RCTs on Masks

42:39 Protecting Reputations

49:46 Teaching People Masks Work

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The Illusion of Consensus
The Illusion of Consensus
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