Episode 31: Lee Fang On Moderna's Disturbing Surveillance Of Dr. Jay Bhattacharya And Other Covid Dissidents


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This new episode of the podcast features investigative journalist Lee Fang discussing various topics related to the Illusion of Consensus in science, public health, and public policy. The conversation covers Twitter's covert campaign to influence messaging, the role of AI firm Logically AI in censoring activists and journalists, the suppression of research on pesticides, and Moderna's surveillance and censorship efforts. The discussion also includes Jay Bhattacharya's personal experience and perspective on these issues. The conversation explores the censorship and suppression of vaccine information, the lack of media coverage on critical topics, the conflict of interest in public health, the lack of transparency in financial relationships, astroturfing and marketing tactics, the blurring of the line between corporate PR and public health, trolls and online attacks, the mobilization of healthcare professionals, the lack of disclosure and transparency, the corruption of trust in healthcare institutions, and the crisis of trust.

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Lee Fang
Homeland Security Agency Cited Inaccurate Allegation to Censor New York Times Journalist
This investigation was reported in collaboration with RealClearInvestigations. A brief note to readers: I wanted to publish this latest Twitter Files story before tomorrow's congressional hearing. If you missed my last email, I will appear at the House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization tomorrow to discuss social media censorship, artificial intelligence, and free speech. Thank you to the editors at RCI for helping me fine-tune this reporting on a moment’s notice. The hearing begins on Tuesday, February 6th, at 10:00 am ET…
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  • Social media platforms like Twitter can be influenced by government and corporate interests, leading to the suppression of certain messages and the promotion of others.

  • AI firms like Logically AI can play a role in censoring activists, journalists, and public figures, shaping public opinion and potentially influencing elections.

  • The suppression of research and harassment of scientists is a common tactic used by industries to protect their products and profits.

  • Pharmaceutical companies like Moderna may engage in surveillance and censorship to control the narrative around their products, particularly when faced with declining demand. There is evidence of censorship and suppression of vaccine information, making it difficult to have open and honest discussions.

  • The lack of media coverage on critical topics related to vaccines and pharmaceutical companies is concerning.

  • There is a conflict of interest in public health, with pharmaceutical companies influencing information and decision-making.

  • Transparency in financial relationships between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies is lacking.

  • Astroturfing and marketing tactics are used to promote vaccines and suppress dissenting voices.

  • The line between corporate PR and public health has become blurred, raising ethical concerns.

  • Trolls and online attacks are used to silence critics and control the narrative.

  • Healthcare professionals have been mobilized to promote vaccines, raising questions about their independence and objectivity.

  • There is a lack of disclosure and transparency in the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.

  • The erosion of trust in healthcare institutions is a significant problem.

  • Society is facing a crisis of trust in relation to vaccines and public health.

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00:00 Introduction and Background

07:46 Twitter's Covert Campaign

18:16 Logically AI and Election Influence

26:13 Pesticides and Suppression of Research

39:35 Moderna's Surveillance and Censorship

46:16 Jay Bhattacharya's Experience and Perspective

47:57 Censorship and Suppression of Vaccine Information

49:09 Lack of Media Coverage

50:46 Conflict of Interest in Public Health

51:20 Lack of Transparency in Financial Relationships

52:41 Astroturfing and Marketing Tactics

53:31 Blurring the Line Between Corporate PR and Public Health

55:24 Trolls and Online Attacks

56:15 Mobilization of Healthcare Professionals

57:40 Lack of Disclosure and Transparency

58:05 Corruption of Trust in Healthcare Institutions

59:00 Crisis of Trust

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The Illusion of Consensus
The Illusion of Consensus
An independent podcast by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Rav Arora devoted to dismantling weaponized "consensus" in science. Weekly topics include Covid policy, online censorship, holistic medicine, mental health, and well-being.