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Episode 30: Dismantling The False Diabetes Dogma with Gary Taubes


Hi everyone,

In this exciting new podcast episode, I interview science journalist Gary Taubes about his new book on diabetes, titled 'Rethinking Diabetes.' We discuss the history of diabetes treatment, the role of journalists in critiquing scientific paradigms, and the misconceptions surrounding type 2 diabetes. Taubes highlights the illusion of consensus in the medical community and the harm that can result from it. He also challenges the prevailing belief that diabetes is a pancreatic deficiency disorder and explores alternative approaches to treatment. The conversation explores the flaws in medical thinking, particularly in the treatment of diabetes and obesity. We discusse the historical use of starvation diets and high-fat diets, as well as the misguided approach of calorie restriction. The conversation also highlights the influence of medical organizations, such as the American Diabetic Association, in promoting high-carb diets.

Unlike other episodes, this conversation may have a direct and immediate impact on the health choices one may make. We endeavour to bring you more such episodes exploring the illusion of consensus surrounding diet, fitness, supplementation, mental health, psychotherapy, and more!

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  • The dietary advice given to Americans regarding diabetes and obesity is based on flimsy evidence and the power of certain academic physicians to influence government guidelines.

  • The medical community often resists challenging prevailing paradigms, and it takes journalists and independent researchers to question and critique established beliefs.

  • Type 2 diabetes is not solely a pancreatic deficiency disorder, but rather a complex condition involving insulin resistance and excessive insulin production.

  • Insulin therapy, while life-saving for type 1 diabetes, can lead to long-term complications and may not be the most effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. Medical thinking often lacks scientific rigor and is influenced by groupthink.

  • Starvation diets and high-fat diets have been historically used to treat diabetes, with mixed results.

  • Calorie restriction is ineffective and can lead to hunger and other negative consequences.

  • The American Diabetic Association has embraced high-carb diets despite evidence to the contrary.

  • Improving science requires independent review and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom.

  • Patients can experiment with different dietary approaches to find what works best for them.


00:00 Introduction and Background

04:06 The Role of Journalists in Critiquing Scientific Paradigms

18:32 Understanding Diabetes: Types and Consequences

29:09 The Historical Treatment of Diabetes: Diet and Insulin Therapy

39:03 The Impact of Insulin Therapy and the Rise of Type 2 Diabetes

49:36 The Misconception of Type 2 Diabetes as a Pancreatic Deficiency Disorder

50:01 The Quarter Century Victory Models and the Limitations of Insulin Therapy

50:38 The Flaws in Medical Thinking

55:13 Starvation Diets and Insulin Therapy

56:11 The Paradox of High-Fat Diets

59:03 The Ineffectiveness of Calorie Restriction

01:00:06 The Starvation Study by Ancel Keys

01:05:18 The American Diabetic Association's Embrace of High-Carb Diets

01:07:49 The Influence of Medical Organizations

01:14:29 Systematic Changes to Improve Science

01:15:00 Pragmatic Approach for Patients

01:24:06 Fixing the Flaws in Science

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