Thanks for doing this one Jay, very important info. Can you please include the animation of translation that Jessica mentioned at 26:00? I think this would go a long way to helping people understand the process, not least of all myself!

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We win this thing with words. Check out my new word, coincidist, describing people who blame medical harm on coincidence. Coincidism is a filthy thing that goes right along with fascism and communism. We counter coincidism with creativity, humor and love.


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The foreign protein she is referring to is a Non-Human protein. Think about that then think about how easy it was, using fear and mass formation psychosis, to make everyone believe a gene therapy is a vaccine. Refer to SEC filings of Moderna and Biontech of 2019-2020 where they lament the FDA still refers to all mRNA medicinal products as "gene therapies".


The question with the injections is - What If it goes directly into a vein, by accident? The people giving shots are instructed NOT to pull the plunger to make sure they are not in a vein. IM injections are extremely vascular, that's the first thing they tell doctors in med school. What goes in the arm. spreads all over the body. Excellent podcast ! Many Thanks Dr Jay for putting this on! Keep up the Great WORK!!

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Just a side comment; Jessica is realty UNACCEPTABLE.

I thank her and admire her immensely.

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It sounds like Dr. B thinks vaccine(s) for SARS-CoV-2 could have been developed using old, "traditional" technologies e.g. inactivated viruses or attenuated live viruses. If that's the case, he needs to study up on the history of attempts to develop vaccines for SARS (SARS-CoV-1) and MERS. The results were pathogenic priming or antibody enhanced disease (ADE). Researchers eventually gave up

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Katalin Karikó told us that Endotoxin would be in the all the Pfizer BioNTech jabs and warned about Frame Shifting creating "Potent cryptic T cell epitopes" caused by Ribosomal Frame-shifting


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Love your true description of the complexity and dynamism of nature/the human body (the reason why it takes 10+ years to develop true -- safe & effective -- vaccines).

A critical and lethal error to view the human body as a machine or static puzzle.... That seems to be an 18th century problem.

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I didn't get the ANY covid shots, not because I feared the vx, but because I value my medical independence. My part-time work had a mandate. I was considering getting the original shot, and was very much uncomfortable with being forced to take a medical procedure. In the past, the only times I've had "compulsory" medical stuff, was for international travel. Back then I thought it was ok for countries to mandate people get medical procedures before visiting their country, but I no longer hold this opinion. I live in Canada, I don't think shots should be mandate, I DO believe that a person seeking international entry can be required to test, that's the limit of my thought.

Luckily, just as my season was about to start, the mandate dropped.

In Canada, many believe it's the Trucker Freedom Convoy that pushed our politicians to drop the mandates, but I continue to think so of these deeper clinical counter indications were already known and THAT's what pushed mandates dropping.

So I'm damned happy I didn't get it. I only don't think I've caught covid, unless I'm one of those who get it with only mild symptoms. Never been tested, so who the hell knows!

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It’s like a two year old playing God. What could go wrong, look at us we are brilliant.

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Thanks for highlighting the paper. Yet another thing that would have immediately disqualified the these therapies and sent them back to the R&D lab under non-deranged, standard approval process. Truly living in clown world.

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Fantastic discussion! Dr. Rose hit the nail on the head. Immunology is infinitely more complex than we can imagine. Unfortunately, our public health experts, pharma, and the media chose hubris over epistemological humility throughout the pandemic.

Dr. B, toward the end of the discussion you seemed to imply that there has not been a signal regarding auto-immunity. Perhaps I misinterpreted your position. There absolutely is a signal. In fact, it may turn out to be one of the most common SAEs. Autoimmunity following mRNA vaccination was raised as a concern before 2020- early in the platform’s development. You don’t need to look any further than the studies themselves. A case of type 1 Diabetes Miletus was deemed related to vaccine in a one year old little girl in the Moderna pediatric trial. There were fewer than 2000 children in that particular treatment arm. Almost no providers with whom I raise this issue have any knowledge of this fact. That this was suppressed is both terrifying and criminal.






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Jay, isn’t there a link to an animated DNA video? Wasn’t that promised in the podcast? I can’t find it and don’t have a bio background. Thanks. You are the best.

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Did you get a feel for if Dr. Jay still recommends the shots for older people? In the summary it said they shouldn’t have been deployed for widespread use, but does that mean he supports them still for targeted populations?

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Dr. Rose the mRNA vaccines are unregulated. Under the auspices of the DOD and dispensed under an emergency order. Under WHO with the prior issues complete safety tests were not done and won't be done. Well, as long as the WEF is on planet Earth anyway. It's my opinion things will not improve soon. The merger of the UN and WEF gives them the Military force without paying a dime.

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Also, C19 immediately damages hemoglobin, making it impossible to carry oxygen throughout the body. Purple toes. High altitude sickness symptoms (Dr.Seidel, ER in NY).

C19 is a blood disease. Not a lung disease.

Venting lungs does nothing for damaged hemoglobin. Added air in the lungs can't be carried throughout the body. This explains why almost all died when vented.

Death by suffocation and by misdiagnosis.

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These pieces of DNA are pretty small....how do they produce so many of. them that they can "load" a small vial of liquid with what hundreds, thousands, billions, of these crazy small pieces...

Honestly I don't believe they do....probably do computer modeling and call it good.

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