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Ep 46: Vice Presidential Candidate Nicole Shanahan On Corruption In Science, Public Health, And Running Alongside RFK Jr. In The 2024 Election

We're honoured to conduct Nicole's first-ever interview on our platform since she announced her vice presidential bid a few weeks ago.

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to release this interview I recorded on Monday with vice presidential candidate Nicole Shanahan. We discuss her background in law and her investments in science, particularly in reproductive longevity. We delve into the need to restore free speech in science and the detrimental effects of suppressing dissenting voices. We highlight the inefficiency and high cost of the American healthcare system, particularly in addressing chronic diseases. Shanahan suggests investing in public health systems, rethinking agriculture practices, and ensuring access to clean water as preventive measures for chronic diseases.

The conversation highlights the need for preventative healthcare and a shift away from relying solely on drugs to manage symptoms. We also discuss the influence of capitalism on healthcare and the importance of addressing conflicts of interest in the industry. The failures of regulatory bodies like the FDA and CDC are examined, with a focus on the need for screening for conflicts of interest and community-based input.

We hope you enjoy this conversation.

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  • Investing in science for the sake of information and discovery is crucial for progress and innovation.

  • Investing in public health systems, rethinking agriculture practices, and ensuring access to clean water can help prevent chronic diseases. Preventative healthcare is crucial to reduce the reliance on drugs to manage symptoms.

  • The influence of capitalism in healthcare can lead to conflicts of interest and the prioritization of expensive drugs.

  • School closures during the pandemic have had a significant negative impact on children's education and well-being.

  • Play-based opportunities are essential for children's development and should be prioritized.

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00:00 Introduction and Background

10:03 Free Speech in Science

25:40 Addressing the Root Causes of Chronic Disease

29:31 Restoring Free Speech and Scientific Debate

30:22 Shifting Towards Preventative Healthcare

33:43 Corporate Capture in the Healthcare Industry

36:48 Failures of the FDA, NIH, and CDC

56:02 The Impact of the Pandemic on Education

57:58 Prioritizing the Well-being and Development of Children

Sound Bites

  • "Investing in science for the sake of information and not for the sake of a commercial outcome."

  • "A vast effort by the federal government to suppress the speech of scientists who disagreed with government scientists."

  • "Scientists do not feel comfortable publishing the paper they actually want to publish."

  • "We need preventative healthcare... healthcare professionals who aren't playing whack-a-mole with symptoms and their only tool being prescribing new drugs to patients."

  • "If sick people are being viewed as business opportunities, there's no incentive to reduce the numbers of needy people."

  • "The CDC, the FDA, the NIH, all have failed in pretty fundamental ways."


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