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Debate Released! Denis Rancourt v. Tracy Beth Hoeg On 17 Million Vaccine Deaths


Hi everyone,

The 3-hour vaccine death debate between Denis and Tracy has now been released! Anyone can access it now here in the Substack app/website or in the Spotify/Apple links below. I hope it helps shape your perspective on this contentious topic.


  • Tracy criticizes Denis' paper on the number of deaths caused by COVID vaccines, arguing that the estimate of 17 million deaths is implausible.

  • Denis defends his paper, explaining the methodology and selection of countries in the study.

  • The debate becomes heated as they discuss the accusation of cherry-picking countries.

  • Technical difficulties interrupt the discussion briefly. There are inconsistencies in estimates of excess mortality and the causal link between COVID-19 vaccines and deaths.

  • Methodology plays a crucial role in determining the accuracy of these estimates.

  • Accurate information and fact-finding are essential in understanding the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on mortality.

  • Further discussion and analysis are needed to address the discrepancies between different studies and estimates. There is a temporal association between booster rollouts and excess mortality.

  • The causes of excess mortality are complex and can vary between countries and age groups.

  • The peak in mortality after the pandemic announcement is a significant phenomenon that requires further investigation.

  • Analyzing mortality data in countries without age stratification requires additional considerations.

  • The consistent association of excess mortality with booster rollouts suggests a potential link.

  • Quantifying excess mortality and the vaccine dose fatality rate can provide insights into the risk of death. The correlation between vaccine rollout and excess mortality is a topic of debate, with different interpretations and perspectives.

  • Communication plays a crucial role in conveying scientific findings, and the choice of words and statements can impact public perception.

  • Traditional methods may not always capture vaccine mortality, and there is a need for more comprehensive data and analysis.

  • The case of Sweden's excess mortality highlights the complexities of interpreting data and the importance of considering different factors.

  • Improving data collection and reporting is essential for a better understanding of the impact of vaccines and other interventions. Clear communication and agreement on recording and distribution processes are important in collaborative conversations.

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00:00 Introduction and Background

07:19 Tracy's Criticisms of Denis' Paper

12:20 Denis' Response to Tracy's Criticisms

27:17 Discussion on the Selection of Countries

34:00 Technical Difficulties

38:36 Addressing the Accusation of Cherry Picking

40:18 Excess Mortality and Vaccine Rollout

45:20 Cherry Picking and Projection

49:48 Analyzing Denmark's Data

52:30 Causality and Correlation

58:03 Excess Mortality by Age Group

01:03:36 Temporal Relationship between Vaccination and Mortality

01:10:20 Discussion on Causality and Uncertainties

01:16:01 Clarifying Statements and Limitations

01:19:25 Introduction and Setting the Stage

01:21:15 Inconsistencies in Estimates and Causal Link

01:23:14 Discussion on Methodology and Excess Mortality

01:36:19 Desire for Accurate Information and Fact-Finding

01:45:45 Proposal to Show Additional Graphs and Discuss Discrepancies

01:51:26 Graphs Showing Excess Mortality in Peru

01:54:10 Graphs Showing Excess Mortality by Age Group

01:55:01 Association between booster rollouts and excess mortality

01:59:05 Exploring the causes of excess mortality

02:00:09 Examining the New Zealand data

02:01:10 Consistent association of excess mortality with booster rollouts

02:02:35 Analyzing mortality data in countries without age stratification

02:03:08 Understanding the peak in mortality in Ecuador

02:04:36 Exploring the peak in mortality after the pandemic announcement

02:07:40 Considering the initial vaccine rollout and booster rollout

02:09:53 Comparing excess mortality in different periods

02:11:45 Quantifying excess mortality and vaccine dose fatality rate

02:19:14 Addressing the inconsistency in excess mortality patterns

02:25:36 Examining excess mortality in Sweden

02:35:29 Discussion on Vaccine Rollout and Excess Mortality

02:40:17 Clarifying the Claims and Interpretations

02:46:35 Debate on Communication and Provocative Statements

02:53:07 Why Traditional Methods Don't Pick Up Vaccine Mortality

02:59:59 Sweden's Excess Mortality and Interpretation

03:04:55 The Need for Better Data and Reporting

03:08:26 Debrief and Final Thoughts

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The Illusion of Consensus
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