First of all he's a hero to so many of us please tell him that. My main questions at this point are tactical. Those of us who pay attention to these issues know the merits have settled firmly in our direction: lockdowns and school closures were a disaster for overall public health, mask mandates did nothing (positive), vaccine mandates and passports did nothing (positive), and the vaccine benefits were oversold while the risks downplayed. I sense a growing portion of the population recognizes most of this, but in elite / bureaucratic circles these facts have barely made a dent. The official narrative is largely intact in places it matters: look at how the CDC's plans to "fix itself" are all about being "quicker" to offer nonsense guidance, and "communicating" more clearly and all that kid-glove stuff. Nothing about, like, not masking toddlers next time or not pretending a vaccine is sterilizing when it isn't.

So what can we do / he do to actually make sure this never happens again. How can we best put our energy to make sure the historical record AND the intellectual record of this era reflects the reality of what happened, and not the fairytale version?

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Firstly, it is not ethical to use an interview with a Public Health official to increase your subscriber base. You ought to be soliciting these questions free of charge. Full stop.

Secondly, please ask Dr. Ladapo if and when the State of Florida is going to recognize Mast Cell disease as a driving factor in Covid and Long Covid vulnerability, infectibility, and post-acute sequalae?

Most respectfully,

Diane M. Kane

MCAS Patient Advocate


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I would like to ask him about Dr. Ladapo's response to the "Evolution of Florida Vaccine Analysis" by Katelyn Jetelina and Kristen Panthagani, MD.

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