Please clarify why you state that Covid vaccination prevents severe disease, hospitalization, and death in the older population. Additionally, your comments regarding the childhood vaccines do not take into consideration that zero placebo trials were conducted. Zero. I do have great respect for your willingness to reveal truths as you see them.

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Excellent responses (although I don't think the vaccines are as effective at preventing severe cases and death in the elderly as the author does). The most important point is the deadly effect of mass censorship. Millions of people - now dead - might be alive today if social media and Big Tech hadn't censored or "de-boosted" true and life-saving information.

The key to the censorship operation was preventing accurate information from "going viral." Smart skeptics - highly-credentialed doctors/scientists and smart people in your hometown - were blocked from rebutting this dangerous misinformation.

A silver lining of the effort to prevent "vaccine hesitancy" is that more Americans than ever are now "hesitant" about getting vaccines. In other words, the "vaccine hesitancy' project backfired. Dr. Jay no doubt doesn't agree with me, but this is a great development IMO. If people would just give up on the Covid boosters, future mRNA vaccines (like the RSV vaccine that's on deck) and the ineffective and probably unsafe flu vaccine, public health will become much better in the future.

Now Big Pharma won't have as much money to spend on commercials and campaign contributions, but that's fine by me.

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Be wary of Section 230 “reform”. The censorship from Big Tech was the result of pressure from Big Brother. Instead we need laws aimed directly at putting the government censors behind bars.

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The "social contract" is 100% irrevocably broken, and no iteration coming from the existing regime, having revealed itself across the board as tyrannical, authoritarian and anti-life, anti-sovereignty and acting under full-blown color of law, will be accepted ever again by the populations. They must all fall down, and each individual responsible for dishing out tyranny must be made to pay the piper. No excuses, no forgiveness....no quarters given. Justice must be meted out, responsibility for harm must be force-fed to the perpetrators, and a new paradigm where society never again hands over its sovereignty into the hands of "authorities" must rise.

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Jul 3, 2023·edited Jul 3, 2023

How about we not ignore the serious signal of a gov overriding the fundamental rights if saying what happens to your own body?

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“...public health authorities have squandered trust”. “Squandered” feels almost like a euphemism -- if not for courageous doctors like Dr Jay, my trust would be erased entirely.

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We were supposed to trust the government to ban the evil weed called marijuana. The dope fiends who promote this stuff invade our neighborhoods , corrupt our children, and steal our hub caps. Marijuana has NO MEDICAL use!

What?? They decided to legalize it???

Trust the government which promoted masks, social distancing, business closures, and tried to vaccinate their way out of a pandemic (dumb), with dangerous and ineffective "vaccines" (dumber)?

Trust the government which claimed that experimental vaccines were "safe"? (Experimental medicines cannot legally be represented as safe.)

Trust the government that says "We just make the laws. We never looked at the studies. The scientists do that."???

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IMPORTANT - Not related, sorry, but important and very eye opening...

- These two links need to be watched, one after the other, to get a good understanding of what is going on.


1. Glen Greenwald

How Powerful US Institutions Co-Opted the 2SLGTBQIA+ Movement | Locals Q+A


2. This is the song that he refers to in his comments:

"A Message From the Gay Community"

Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men's

Chorus - YouTube



CONSENTING ADULTS - Do what you want. But leave kids to be left alone.

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