It’s important to be reminded that we are at a stage in our development in which we have an immediate access to any type of information, and by that be able to siphon tidbits of accurate information and match them to any opinion, while discarding anything that doesn't “fit”. On the same hand, we can take an accurate tidbit of information and juxtapose it to another, and in doing so take away the original context, and by that unintentionally create a different story.

I am not a flat earther, but I can gather enough morsels of accurate information and juxtapose them in such a way that you will have a hard time refuting my analysis. I would also be able to “prove” you that any celebrity is a homophobe because I can fish the internet for one liners they uttered in the past and juxtapose them to hot topics in the present in order to showcase it as “truth”.

It all comes from the fact that each one of us have access to what I call a “Collective Cloud Machine” which basically reflects a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. A projection of all human minds and the large collection and recordings of human existence throughout history, to which each of us has access.

What it means is that, in this time of our development we can “manifest” any mental conjuring within the virtual Collective Cloud Machine, regardless of veracity. And since the entire world is dependent on that Collective Cloud Machine for information, for communication and therefore for establishing direction and decision making, you can see how dangerous it can be. Not because of what it stands for, but because human beings are completely unaware of the mechanism at hand.

The mind is not able to discern between what’s fertile and what’s sterile anymore. And since human beings are deeply conditioned to identify with their minds as who they are, and be dependent on it for decision making, there’s anxiety that begins to possess everyone. As a result, the more the mind is confused, anxious and afraid, the more it tries to control its destiny.

And control is a form of homogenization.

The fear of uncertainty, driving the mind to be obsessed with control, is then projected outward by trying to control others. And in order to control others you try to control the information load: what type of information is allowed and what isn’t. And so, there’s a battle to control the collective direction. A battle to reach a critical mass; to uphold the “one truth” from which to inculcate everyone with: “here is the pattern of the day for you: Swallow it, accept it, and share it with the other”.

If you’re not agreeing to it, however, you're censored. You’re canceled and shunned from society (which has become virtual). The collective direction is concerned with only one way - one “truth” that everybody should assimilate. The collective doesn’t like ‘difference’. It can't stand it. The collective wants everyone to be the same; lined up by the same commonality, by the same pattern, by the same “truth”. The whole rhetoric of “diversity and inclusion” nowadays is simply a patina for homogenization embroiled with superficial markers for “uniqueness”: that “unusual” colored hair or that eccentric haircut, this piercing or that new tattoo, etc.

So by their model, social media platforms create a point of singularity as a virtual town square where everyone “congregates''. Therefore, it's easier for governments to go after the “town square” itself, rather than the billions of users that cohesively create it.

Everything we see in our world right now is a reflection of the fear and the inner tension between individuality and conformity. A domino effect stemming from the fact that the “collective truth” is crumbling. The borderline between what everyone agreed as “truth” and “false” is disintegrating in favor of individual truth. And since the collective can’t stand the individual, as the individual poses a threat to it, means this is not going to be without pain and turmoil.

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People don’t realize the immensely broad extent to which these vast corporations censor speech. I recently left a Google Maps review of the George Bush Presidential Library that mentioned inconvenient things like torture and the WMD lies. It was immediately taken down by Google. If there is any government policy that is reflective of Cluster B, you can bet Google will protect it. Makes you wonder if the company whose original motto was “Don’t be evil” has no adopted the 180 degree opposite policy. We really need to break up these monstrous oligopolies so there is consumer choice and we can have the option to use services that aren’t actively and consistently trying to unravel civilization.

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Thanks for transcribing what I assume are the pithy parts of this 64 minutes. Many of us would be glad to read the whole transcript which can be made without human intervention (or not much in any case). But this is a great move in that direction. Most appreciated.

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Western Australian Government report on vaccine adverse events shows a large and sudden increase in reports of adverse events starting in March 2021 when mRNA covid vaccines first administered (John Campbell YouTube post of 13th July)

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The word “censor”, by definition, is government action to suppress speak. If we wish to hold government accountable for censorship, it is imperative that we not refer to private companies as “censoring.” It violates the definition of the word to say Google censored my video - and, more importantly, whitewashes what probably occurred. It is almost certain that government engaged in censorship by threatening Google with regulatory action if they did not suppress particular content. If we continue to refer to private suppression as censorship, the response will be to more heavily regulate private companies - ie the response will be to further empower the government to censor more effectively.

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They tried to bury us, but they didn't know we were seeds. For all the Jays out there. https://youtu.be/EO7Xbm2iNRA

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