And yet, even now, you double-down on the elderly/immunocompromised getting 40 trillion (Mod), individually packaged, mRNAs (with a fair amount of DNA thrown in) into their bodies which contain only around 4 trillion nucleated cells?!?!

How can you?

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Exactly. Why would you if you are elderly (I am 78) want to risk the rest of your time on a stupid inoculation (it was NOT a vaccine). Unless of course you have a death wish. Even at my age, there is a 98% surviveability rate of whatever it is that is out there .... they don't know what it is, most probably a collection of various maladies, or even combinations ailments mixed, including comorbidities.

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Yes, sadly, not everyone is interested in admitting the real disaster of the mRNA vaccines, starting with Pfizer and Moderna's own RCTs of over 70,000 adults, where the vaccines did not save any lives overall and showed a danger signal of 45% increased cardiovascular deaths.



And just as the clinical trials warned, this sadly played out in the real world, with the majority of heavily mRNA vaccinated countries having HIGHER all-cause mortality post-vaccination than pre-vaccination.


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Signing to support The Great Barrington Declaration was the moment of my first glimmer of hope that we would survive this. Not survive Covid, but instead, that we would survive the totalitarian destruction of our fundamental values.

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Yes. I thought it was the turning point.

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Would people please stop repeating it was the stimulus checks that cause the inflation? That's the fairy tale generated by the corporate media in collusion with the government, as usual, to justify raising the prime interest rate and has absolutely no basis in fact. Common sense alone says the stimulus money was long gone when the monopolies and monosponies that control our economy launched a massive price-gouging campaign last year.

Okay, now that we've cleared that up. I enjoyed the Jimmy Dore episode, not that it was news. And speaking as one of the elderly, there are natural ways to ensure a COVID infection doesn't turn deadly. Nevertheless, so deeply brainwashed is the public by Big Pharma any attempt to even suggest that invariably results in screams of "anti-vaxxer" and dismissal of anything but a manufactured magic pill as "disinformation". It's almost like people enjoy suffering.

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the LA Times is currently being sued by musician Joseph Arthur for doing an article about him in Aug 2021. apparently they approached him about doing a story on artists speaking out against the vaccine. what resulted was a headline that labeled him an Anti-Vaxxer.

for his anti-Covid Vaxx stance he lost his longtime manager, record label and subsequent deal and thousands of fans. he was tarred with the Scarlet Letter. I hope he wins. I didn't think my contempt for that paper could get any lower, but apparently not. they are cowards and snakes...

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Just a cursory look at any LA Times op-Ed page is trippy: what must it be like to work in an environment of such anger, bitterness, and resentment -- a veritable hive of mental ill health? It’s all the most toxic parts of the old Twitter, rolled into a legacy media package. If the LA Times is against something, it’s a pretty good bet that the thing in question is objectively “good”...in other words, was it even necessary to bother refuting an LA Times article?

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'Trump Is Right About the Coronavirus. The WHO Is Wrong,' Says Israeli Expert

Hareetz, March 21, 2020


"But we know that the R0 of the coronavirus is 2, and we still don’t know whether anyone is naturally immune to the disease.

Yamin: “The overwhelming majority of people are apparently not immune, because it’s not a common disease. After all, there is no precedent for such an infectious and violent type of virus from the corona family, so it’s safe to assume that the majority has not been exposed to the virus before this and that they can be infected. However, that’s not to say that the majority of the population will actually contract the disease.

“The basic principle is that a virus with an R0 of 2 in a non-immune population can be expected to infect 50 percent of the population. After that the R0 will reach a value of 1 or less, and the disease will be contained. By the way, it will recede in a converging exponential; in other words, the coronavirus can be expected to disappear from this region with the same dizzying speed with which it entered our lives.”

But we don’t know for certain whether a person can be infected twice.

“No, but with the majority of viruses, if you’re infected and you have recovered, you won’t be re-infected, because of immunological memory. And if you are infected again, the symptoms will be less acute the second time. The exception to the rule is influenza: Its mutation frequency is so high that you can be infected by it year after year. Last year alone, the flu underwent 17 mutations. Whereas the last time we heard about corona was 17 years ago, with SARS. In other words, the coronavirus did not undergo mutations at the same frequency as the flu. Of course, the mutations themselves are a function of the number of infections: The more infections there are, the greater the likelihood that mutations will occur. But in practice, the most rapid mutations occur in animals, and they only infect us then, and obviously it’s less probable that we will be infected again by a bat in the near future."

"‘Worst-case scenario’

Let’s move from percents to people.

“Just a minute. Although we’re both Westernized countries, we are absolutely not South Korea. South Korea has one of the highest proportions of elderly people in the world, whereas Israel tops the graph in fertility, and we have a very young population. So, if we use the upper limit [of mortality] of South Korea and normalize the mortality rate for the population in Israel, we are talking about the probability of a mortality rate of 0.3 percent among those who have been infected.

“Now we’ll go to a severe scenario in which no one is immune and every second person is sick, so that the disease is incapable of spreading further – namely, a situation where there’s a maximum infection rate of 50 percent.

“We are a country of nine million citizens. So in the worst-case scenario, we are talking about 4.5 million Israelis who will become ill with the coronavirus. Multiply 4.5 million by 0.3 percent and you get 13,500 Israelis who are liable to die from the disease. By comparison, 700 to 2,500 Israelis die every year of complications from other respiratory ailments.”

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel talked about a rate of infection of 70 percent in Germany."

"“And Netanyahu talked about a mortality rate of between 2 percent and 4 percent. And do you know what’s most absurd? That in the final analysis [U.S. President Donald] Trump was right. Not that the coronavirus is just plain flu – it absolutely isn’t – but as he put it: ‘This is just my hunch – way under 1 percent’ [will die].’

“We must be cautious, of course, but at the moment a high probability is emerging that the risks are far lower than what the World Health Organization presented. Under two assumptions – that the health system doesn’t collapse and that life continues as usual – we are not likely to see more than 13,500 victims of the coronavirus in Israel.” (About 45,000 people die in Israel in a normal year, which would make for a rise of approximately one-third.)

But, social distancing should lead to fewer cases of infection and death, no?

“No, because we won’t be able to isolate ourselves completely or forever. At some stage, we will have to resume a regular routine, and then the R0 will stabilize at 2 again. Effectively, we are delaying the inevitable. I have no criticism of the decisions made until now. On the contrary: With such a large area of uncertainty, Israel’s decision makers are considering not only a reasonable scenario but also a margin of safety.

“In my opinion, the Health Ministry deserves tremendous credit for being ahead of the world by having instituted no few measures. In the same breath, the public needs to understand that these measures of social distancing mean that we will find ourselves with corona for a longer period, even to 2023.”"

"That long?

“Take the swine flu, from 2009. Reliable models show clearly that it was contained in Israel because its appearance coincided with the Jewish holidays in the fall [when people weren’t out much in public]. From the virus’ point of view, the timing wasn’t good for it in Israel. By contrast, in the United States there was significant infection in 2009-2010. But in the end, it balances out. So we saw swine flu in Israel both in 2009-10 and in 2010-11, whereas in the United States it just came and went. The American population as a whole was exposed to the virus at high rates, so those who fell ill and recovered served as a ‘human shield’ for those who did not get sick.”

So what you’re saying is to tear the bandage off in one fell swoop, and explose everyone at once, the way they tried to do in Britain.

“We need to make decisions based on the most precise models possible. What should be done? Of course, we must significantly increase testing, using the rapid PCR test, and that is what is actually being done. In parallel, serologic tests should be conducted. These differ from regular tests in that they examines an individual’s immunological reaction to exposure. That’s the only way we will be able to get an accurate picture of the distribution of the virus in Israel, and thereby also of the mortality rates.”

What will that test be able to tell us?

“It will solve the riddle of the young people: It’s still not clear whether young people are infected by the coronavirus but don’t develop symptoms, or are simply immune and thus don’t become infected. This is different from most respiratory ailments. With those illnesses, like RSV or flu, this is a key population: The 5-to-19 age group is not at risk but they are responsible for infecting others.”"

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Gates made his cash. Then he could acknowledge reality. Horrible man.

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What drives me nuts is that the pandemicists refuse to offer an alternative “solution”. They will spend an entire article complaining that you were wrong. Let’s say that’s true. Are we then supposed to just take as fact that they were right? Right about what? Rather than accept that they were wrong about a solution, they attack the other solutions in order to obfuscate their failure. There was no solution. That should be the topic of every op-ed.

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Did anyone besides me notice that Google has interposed its bullshit notice about going to the CDC to be fed more pseudo-scientism shit, despite the fact that you are logged on to non-google site? If you use your mouse to adjust the sreeen (or as long as your mouse is in the video screen), this googlecrap shows up, imposed over the video, often over the face of Jay Bhattacharya. If I sort out the payload drops (you have to use a filter to do this), it become evident that either Jimmy Dore or The Illusion of Consensus site is cross-linked to google payloads that are also dropped. If you filter them out, the video will not run. Surely this is triggered because of Bhattacharya's reputation as an information fighter to the truth of coviditis. Both Jimmy and Jay need to know this is happening. You will not know this unless pay attention, and have strict use of blockers and filters.

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I like the strategy of leading with positive examples like Sweden, vs focusing on the negative stats from shall we say, more "dumbed down" nations that don't get as much brain food in their diet like Sweden.

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I favor a life sentence as the recipient of unending medical experimentation in the comfort of a prison hospital.

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