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I'd love to show this to everyone I know who still clings to the idea that the government did the best it could and that Fauci is a hero. Unfortunately, they won't even open an email from me about Covid stuff. Same denial is happening with censorship and Ukraine, all subjects my well-educated family and friends have no interest in hearing. How in the world can we make any progress when people cover their ears and shout 'lalalalala?"

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Thank you, thank you so very much, for standing for freedom.

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Pretty sad when truth is overwhelmed with censorship.

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Has there been any specific response from congress to the testimony? Will there be a response and, more importantly, will there be any action taken to prevent future assaults on expert dissent from the “acceptable narratives”?

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The 2020's will come to be known as a second Dark Age of science and culture, where philistinism, corruption and crime temporarily triumphed over humanity's more noble powers, and the majority of Americans were so much in the dark they never even became aware of the eclipse of truth and integrity. It may take a generation or two before a broad understanding of the darkness that has overswept the world becomes widely accepted. Once it is, it will be viewed as the 1930's was in Nazi Germany -- a horrible demonstration of mankind's shadow side that no-one can afford to let down their guard against ever again. It will be a rough baptism into the deep darkness of our inner capacity for evil.

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A ? about the Canada Day discount- is this available to those of us who are already subscribed for future years & if so, how do we do this & avoid getting 2 subscriptions?

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DrJ, I saw you recently on Steve Hilton’s podcast. Please tell what studies you are using to base your support for MMR vaccine. I have heard that most cases involve those who have been vaccinated but find this suspect.

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Lockdowns are for prisons. Land of the free? Home of the brave? Yeah, ok.

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Interested observers might also be interested in the "The Hallett Inquiry" which is a UK judge lead enquiry into our governments handling of the emergency. Mat Hancock was then senior politician. A part of his testimony to the enquiry this week was:

Question. “Did you know of the existence of the NSC(THRC), the ministerial -- overarching ministerial committee to which you were expected to report?”

Answer. “Yes, I attended it. That's essentially the National Security Council.”

Question. “No, the NSC(THRC), the threats, hazards, resilience and contingencies committee.

Answer. Yes, that's a subcommittee. That one is a subcommittee of the National Security Council.

Question. How many of those subcommittee meetings did you attend?”

Answer. “I can't recall.”

Question. “Did you attend any?”

Answer. “I may well have attended none, but I can't recall.

Q.”Have you seen any piece of paper that suggests you did attend?”

Answer. No.

Q. “Why not?”

Answer. I've no idea

(See "Trust the Evidence" on Substack)

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Please…… Help Fight Against the Sale of Children for the Purpose of Sex Trafficking and Child Pornography

1. Watch this entire trailer……

2. Go see this movie when it opens on July 4th, and………

3. Consider Paying it Forward

The Sound of Freedom


This is a true story. I watched an hour long interview with Tim Ballard, the subject of this movie, and Jim Caviezel. Tim quit his job as a Department of Homeland Security Special Agent so that he could literally, 'save the kids'.

He is 'The Real Deal'. Jim Caviezel is the actor who plays him in this movie.

These men are literally doing 'God's Work', Tim, by performing this work, and Jim by shining a light on this literal EVIL that is among us. For instance, at my workplace, two men were fired and incarcerated within the last 6 months for child pornography. That happened because they were 'incautious' enought to watch it on a government computer. Think of how many are watching on their private computers, and don't get caught. This is a huge problem worldwide, and our country is a primary contributor to this (no other word for it but)…….. Pure Evil.

We have a moral obligation to do what we can to fight against this….

Please help.

Please take a material step and stand up for goodness, on this Independence Day.

Thank you, Elizabeth

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