"This is basically what we mean when we speak of 'technocracy.' The problems with this vision are twofold: First, it's premised on a kind of fabulistic understanding of a unified, oracular Science, which provides always and everywhere unambiguous answers to policy questions. Second, to sustain this fable of Science, it's necessary for the technocrats themselves to present a united front. Dissenting opinions within the technocracy undermine its own mythology and vitiate its political power. "

Well said. I used to teach science. And I live my life pretty much by the scientific method. The ideology of the "Follow the Science" crowd is actually anti-science.

I've seen the educational establishment degenerate into an indoctrination machine. That was bad enough. But now science has been perverted and weaponized into an excuse for further totalitarianism by incompetents.

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Eugy coming in from cold and moving closer to centre of alt-media universe =)

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May 31Liked by eugyppius

I pay for a subscription to Eugyppius and it's worth every penny to support one of the few who robustly opposed the corona measures and lockdowns implacably. He also writes well on Germany, immigration and green politics. Even if you do not read every word he writes as I like to do he is very much a friend of the online Right and deserves to be supported as such.

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I am starting to push back against the "left/right" dichotomy. "Far right" today really means "classical liberal".

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@Eugyppius is the best. There is no more incisive and withering exploration of the current, thick managerial slime-layer than he is...

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WHO treaty collapse is good

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"The WHO is often portrayed as a rogue international agency bent on world domination, when in fact it is an unwieldy bureaucracy enslaved to the member states of the World Health Assembly."

So then, not Romulans, just Vogons. No argument. Just never forget which of these successfully destroyed Earth.

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oh I agree that bureaucratic forces are vastly more dangerous than the sinister conspiracies many imagine.

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Nailed it.

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"not Romulans, just Vogons". Best observation ever.

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When two good minds meet, only good things can happen.

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Exciting stuff E. Love it!

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"What has been persistently missing from these revelations, is any suggestion that the pandemic response reflected a central international conspiracy by the World Economic Forum or any other coordinating international institution or lobbying group."

Spot on. The WEF is a fancy-pants black-tie dinner-debating society with well-meaning tree-huggers like King Charles attending - it is obviously mostly ineffective as conspiracies go, though I have no doubt that dodgy side-deals are done behind closed doors.

Don't look for bad actors - (though there are a few, they largely provided what was demanded). Look instead at the poor control systems that rendered individual governments helpless and drowning. This was what globalism really looks like - mass panic.

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I agree, conspiracism is a distraction and makes the complainer look like a nutter. The internet can communicate money, art, games so why not emotions? During corona it was panic and so that is what spread like cat videos and porn.

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Yes, and whilst we of the freedom movement are inevitably a very broad church, sometimes I have to zip my lip - its best to just let some folk have a good old rant - because the truth is rarely binary or simple.

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"If you take any particular obnoxious pandemic policy – mask mandates, say – and trace its origins through the dizzying array of ad hoc advisory groups, scientific committees, government agencies and political decision-makers who brought it into existence, you're left utterly at a loss as to how this insanity might be prevented in the future. "

I'll tell you how: No one rules if no one obeys.

I can speak only of the US, but about 20% of people here knew immediately or figured out in under a month that the plandemic was a scam or at least that the hysteria was stupid and overwrought. Maybe a single digit percentage understood the *principles* at risk from state coercion of medical decisions, principles like, "Freedom doesn't exist on a spectrum." Those are the people who from the start indignantly refused to muzzle, inject, and follow floor arrows. Such people will tell you what a relief it was to see others similarly unmuzzled and unafraid of being frowned at, even if they never spoke to each other. There are even more people who will tell you that even though they muzzled, they silently approved of those who did not.

When it becomes more socially uncomfortable to walk around in a slave rag and obey floor arrows than it does to breathe and walk rationally, more people will act rationally solely because it's easier. Eighty percent of the population complied because they lacked enough respect for ideas to demonstrate integrity, which is difficult, isolating, and socially painful. A much smaller percentage complied because they were really afraid, especially after the first 2-3 months of 2020. And no, I can't back any of those estimates up with a pie chart. It's just my conclusion from speaking to people at the time.

Whether my estimates are accurate or not, majorities do not make history. Tiny minorities do that. Tiny minorities defied the British Empire all over the world. Tiny minorities of Afghans spent 30 years knocking first the Russians and then the Americans into cocked hats. The "3.5% rule" is "the notion that no government can withstand a challenge of 3.5% of its population without either accommodating the movement or (in extreme cases) disintegrating." https://www.nonviolent-conflict.org/resource/success-nonviolent-civil-resistance/ Three point five percent of 330 million Americans is just 11.5 million people. I'll bet more than that crashed the Trump campaign's servers last night. If the 3.5% rule is correct, it might be more accurate to say that no one rules if only a few (non-violently) disobey.

(It's a different question to ask how to convince people to understand the importance of ideas and thus be more likely to practice integrity in the first place, spontaneously, without waiting for Spartacus to stand up first. That's a long-term, philosophical project for humanity's future, if we have one. For now, as always, we depend on the few who seem to be born respecting themselves, reality, and humanity's potential to stop knuckle-dragging its way through time.)

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How to avoid this global chaos next time ??


- DE-FUND THE GOVERNMENT by any means possible,

- do NOT comply or participate in any of their crimes.

- "NO !!!" is the answer to most of the upcoming topics.

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I've been reading Eugippius for over a year now and love his commentary from across the pond. I'm from Michigan (United States) and it is now abundantly clear our common enemy is the globalist cabal that is trying to bring about a global government. We must all unite against this insanity. In my latest essay I share the views of David A. Hughes on the Plandemic. We all seem to agree on one thing: the Plandemic was the greatest PsyOp in human history: gutting world economies and forcing millions to take the mRNA injection through mass coercion. Never again. Hopefully we are all awake now.

I'm not quite sure where this essay is going but I'm basically reflecting on some essays and videos that I watched and read today. One essay that intrigued me was "The Werewolf Game" that discusses good and evil tribes that evolved about 5000 years ago. Then there is David A. Hughes book, “Covid-19,” Psychological Operations, and the War for Technocracy: Volume 1. But before discussing these I want to first discuss good and evil in a larger historical/cosmic context. In order to best understand this essay I highly encourage you to access the video and articles that I reference. They are all just a click away.

Good Vs Evil: Anti-Globalists Vs Globalists

In order to maintain some semblance of good it is imperative that the people of planet Earth unite


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It was an exercise in "Disease Politics." Social political science riding on the back of natural medical science. Not only to influence an American election. But to transform the western liberal democracies into something more like the Chinese governing model.

In March, 2020, the Council on Foreign Relations declared the western world needed to be more like collectivist totalitarian China:

Past Pandemics Exposed China’s Weaknesses The Current One Highlights Its Strengths

Foreign Affairs, March 27, 2020


Foreign Affairs is an American magazine of international relations and U.S. foreign policy published by the Council on Foreign Relations:


"Foreign Affairs is considered one of the United States' most influential foreign policy magazines.


Foreign Affairs is considered an important forum for debate among academics and policy makers. In 1996, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott noted: "Virtually everyone I know in the foreign policy-national security area of the Government is attentive to Foreign Affairs."

According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2014 impact factor of 2.009, ranking it 6th out of 85 journals in the category "International Relations""

And in that FA story from one of the most influential international affairs publication in the world this illuminating book is cited. It is an instructive look at how China was transformed into a collectivist authoritarian nation under Mao, leaning into "Disease Politics":

Rural Health Care Delivery

Modern China from the Perspective of Disease Politics

Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2013


('GET' .pdf download)

With chapter and section titles like:

5.3 Discipline Imposed by Hygiene

9.4 “To Combine Health Campaigns with Mass Movements”

11 The Patriotic Hygiene Campaign and the Construction of Clean New People

17.3 From “the Benevolent Medicine” to the “Formula for Money-Making”

19 A Public Country and Its Expansion

20 The Logic of Disease Politics

23 A Nation-State? A Democratic State?

From the book's official description:

"Diseases are everyday, ordinary occurrences intimately related to people’s daily lives. However, as the metaphor of the “Sick Man of East Asia” emerged against the backdrop of a weak modern China, health care and the curing of diseases were turned into grand state politics with far-reaching implications. This book, starting with the argument for diseases being metaphors, describes and interprets such incidents in China’s history as the Abolishment of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Patriotic Hygiene Campaign and the Cooperative Medical Services. In an effort to reveal the internal logic of disease politics in the transformation of the state-people relationship, the book analyzes key aspects including the politicization and inclusion of diseases in state governance, the double disciplining of hygiene, legitimacy construction of the state, the remaking of the nationals, and the expansion of the “publicness” of the state. The book argues that disease politics in modern China has developed following the path from nationals to the people, and then to citizens, or from crisis politics and mobilization politics to life politics. In addition, a marked change has occurred in China’s state building: increasingly standard, rationalized and institutionalized means have been employed while the non-standard means, such as large-scale mobilization and ideological coercion, had been historically used in China."

Disease Politics. It's a tried and true tactic of "fundamentally transforming" a nation into a collectivist authoritarian one. This is what the pandemic attack was intended to launch globally. Largely successfully thus far.

My Stack on this highlights many chapter and section titles in the book. That give the Logic of Disease Politics away:


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Disease Politics is an outgrowth of social theory that marries medical health systems to social-political agendas, known as Medical Sociology:

"Medical Sociology.":


Medical Sociology gave rise to an organization, "Association of Internes and Medical Students," AIMS, that was disbanded and scattered to other medical sociology movements after it was associated with the Red Scare during the McCarthy Anti-Communist hearings:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Association_of_Internes_and_Medical_Students (AIMS)

AIMS helped midwife Disease Politics:


It's interesting to note that "The other side of Obama's brain" Valerie Jarrett's father was a member of AIMS:


And Medical Sociology is also tied to Marxist "Conflict Theory":


About that "fundamental transformation" of the US and West that a previous president steeped in Marxist ideology promised...

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The main things I learned and conclusions I made is, that it is important but futile to reason against the various cults they establish. Most humans today are simply either lazy idiots or benefit directly from the cult. The good thing is, these cults are only temporary, individually one can and should just hunker down and sit them out (no mask, no gene therapy, no EV, no heat pump etc.). Such ignorance and passive resistance actually plays a huge part ending each one. Those who can are also opting out of supporting the Leviathan by simply doing nothing, going on benefits, trying to avoid paying any taxes, spending their assets etc..

The bad thing is, they and that approach, to immediately replace one subsiding cult with a new one, caused and will continue to cause incredible social and financial damage.

The good thing is, that this damage will eventually inevitably break that system's and the Leviathan's neck.

Whether the people around then will have learned anything from all that and whether they can and will come up with a better system is........

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Heads-up: CEPI to support development of self-amplifying mRNA vaccine technology for use against Disease X


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Love eugyppius!!

Let us be contemptuous of “our” experts.

But not in fear of them.

They are mostly fools with a tool.

The good news is mainly “Substack.” By which I mean this.

The “key influencers” have substantially lost power. No one believes them, it is now clear that the endlessly lied.

And knowingly. Now we have many voices, and Substack is a major vehicle of them.

It is always worth noting, as it changes, who the “key influencers” are.

Their characteristics:

- certainty they are right

- “mainstream”, or so they would call themselves

- hungry for power and recognition

- willing to lie. And unabashed. That is, if caught, they almost always deny they lied. And almost never apologize.

We, on the other side, must commonly accept that “our side” will not have the same consensus.

We must gain our influence by making reasonable arguments. By being willing to say when we were wrong.

By educating our audience.

And, normally, by NOT seeking to control people.

Power is a very addictive drug. An addiction that is hard to cure.

Let us pray for ourselves, and for strength to maintain our integrity.

Let us hold people to account reasonably. Ex: Fauci still needs to be held to account and punished in some meaningful way, such as losing his govt pension and his royalties.

Others, who more stupidly followed along, need to be shamed, but not punished.

Let us also, at least in our hearts, forgive these all-too-human people for the evil they have done.

As tainted as many of them are, they are still human.

Forgive. But still hold them to account.

It takes maturity and maybe in some ways extra energy. But it is the right thing to do.

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