I loved your appearance with Russell Brand and wanted to thank you (belatedly) for all that you are doing. Also seeing you next to Dr. Markary at the hearing - two very brave men of real science and conscience. Maybe you should add to your The Illusion of Consensus...The Rise of Conscience. Thank you, thank you. for giving us hope and honesty.

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This conversation with the courageous Dr Azadeh Khatibi is excellent and inspiring, thank you. 🙏🏾 I have 5 doctor friends here in California who, at the beginning of the pandemic, disagreed with the measures and struggled with speaking out due to isolation not to mention fear of reprisal. I connected them all through the network I founded with Sane Francisco. It was so important to find community -- like-minded folk -- especially in the medical profession.

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The system is run by Dictators who will use every opportunity to undermine anyone that tries to spread the truth about Covid and the useless but deadly injections they call a 'VACCI(INE'.

They support the falsely 'Approved' dangerous injection that the manufacturers deny all responsibility for. NO LIABILITY comes automatically with every deadly Covid injection that is given to the gullible, weak and vulnerable. This target audience is the elderly and less intelligent with little ability to no access to truth hidden by censorship controlled by those that mean us harm and those happy to make a fortune for an un-guaranteed depopulation product! In effect 'A LICENCE TO KILL' without consequence!

Infertility via vax = All part of the New World Order's (WEF) Depopulation Project! Delivered by DEADLY or injurious injection they pretend is a VACCINE to SAVE LIVES!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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