Urgent Commentary About The WHO/IHR Meeting That JUST HAPPENED JAN 22

The WHO is furious that too much TRUTH has come out and is getting in the way of the "pandemic treaty..."

My commentary at the beginning and during the meeting (clips) point out that they contradict themselves when Tedros etc say because "YOU ARE WRITING IT." The WHO is furious that too much TRUTH has come out and is getting in the way.

......they are saying it's fake news and mis/disinformation.....they are worried because it looks like we are wiinning....


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For Doctors Of Medicine:

This Is Not A Crisis Of Identity;

This Is Not A Crisis Of Competence

( ... There Is Too Little To Matter) ;

This Is A Crisis Of Conscience.


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Interesting. Perhaps they were simply pointing out their concerns in the hope others would debate with you. I suspect their is some overlap between HARTS concerns and your current debate. Here is HART’s take on the issues…

3. “Denis Rancourt’s data shows that the all cause mortality evidence data did not increase at all in the run up to the Declaration.” While this is true there have been numerous covid-labelled death surges across the world which also appeared out of the blue. Like other coronaviruses, SARS-CoV-2 surges in response to a seasonal trigger. HART agrees that there absolutely were excess deaths due to the unprecedented policies put in place at the time. People within HART do not all agree on what proportion of excess deaths can be attributed to virus versus policies (including with how people with an acute infection were treated). It is an important point for debate.

6. “17 million of whom have died so far.” This analysis included all excess – every covid-labelled death and every policy induced death after vaccination was rolled out. It therefore cannot be said to all be down purely to the vaccines. In the absence of the political response one must ask if we would have had any of this excess mortality? Denis Rancourt points out that there was a tight correlation between vaccine waves and excess mortality waves. Vaccination does indeed lead to immune suppression which increases the risk of infection and therefore transmisison to others. However, vaccine waves were also diven by politicians in respone to covid waves. The “17 million deaths caused by vaccines” claim is hyperbole that just increases polarisation in the same way the “20 million deaths caused by covid” claim did. The former is at least based on real world data but assumes there was no excess caused by any other aspects of the response. Given the ongoing increased mortality we may yet reach that figure but there is certainly uncertainty about how many have died because of vaccines at this point in time.

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HART Group in the UK also raised issues earlier this month. I suggested to one of the authors of the Rancourt et al. study to respond to their critique since Michael Yeadon was quoting it. HART had called it hyperbole.

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I offered strenuously to have a public debate: They refused.

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Wanted to watch, and tried, but unfortunately had to give up after half an hour. The discussion was too chaotic, some participants too long-winded, and the technical difficulties so common to these remote discussions were too distracting.

Maybe an edited version would be more helpful.

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