An amazing year and am grateful for all your work. I have been doing drug safety advocacy work for over 20 years. I never intended to do this work but after my healthy husband with no history of depression or any other mental health issues hung himself shorty after being prescribed antidepressant Zoloft off label for insomnia, I jumped into action. We had no idea the history of antidepressants starting in 1991 FDA hearing on Prozac and association with violence and suicide - 12 years before my husband’s death.

This became my mission to use Woody story to help get FDA blackbox suicide warnings added to antidepressants. Ultimately they were added in 2004 and extended to young adults to age 24 in 2006. I also had a huge wrongful death failure to warn lawsuit against Pfizer. My attorneys at Baum Hedlund paves the way in the antidepressant litigation and we got internal company documents made public showing the drug companies, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Glaxo and the FDA officials knew about the risk and failed to tell doctors and the public.

I think the story about antidepressants is extremely important to keep telling. Mental health as a result of the pandemic is getting worse. Antidepressants prescriptions are skyrocketing, suicides and violence acts keep increasing.

If interested, here is one of my substacks about the back story of the 2006 FDA antidepressants hearings. Since the FDA wouldn’t allow safety experts and those with critical knowledge to have more than 3 minutes to speak during open public hearing, I put together a press conference the day before to give the press and the public an opportunity to hear from experts the FDA didn’t want heard.


Again, thank you for shining a bright light on what’s been going on for long time in the medical industrial complex. We need more people, like you, doing the hard right, not the easy wrong.

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I would love to honour your work with a subscription but as a pensioner and Australian, with the conversion from Aussie dollar, I'm just going to have to keep sending you good vibes and sincere thanks for all your work. Cheers and best wishes for 2024.

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In this article:


Dr. Paul Aijian brings up questions that need answers:

"Unanswered Questions:

Where did this virus originate? Why did our government think that creating a devastating pandemic virus was a good idea? What is the verdict on repurposed drugs? What is the truth about the “safe and effective” mRNA vaccines? What is the explanation for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, and the “excess mortality” numbers around the world? Was the governmental response to the pandemic a “Beta test” for the next crisis? What is happening with the World Health Organization’s proposal to take over worldwide decision making when the next “Emergency” comes along? This comes up for a vote in May 2024, by the way. What is the likely future of this rapidly mutating virus, as most of us have had it several times, and have either natural or vaccine immunity? Who do you trust to educate you on all these complex matters?"


I feel like it is time for a new Great Barrington Declaration. All of the original signatories are easily contacted and would likely sign again. With the victory of Missouri vs Biden (before the Supreme Court has a chance to damage it) it is time to come to a new consensus not just using logic, but uncovered facts and hindsight. Something like the following:

The government and health agencies got it wrong. Suppressed the truth by violating our constitutional rights. They are attempting to give those very agencies that were so wrong even more power to use emergencies to violate more rights. They took away key medication that has now been proven to save lives and reduce sickness and mandated treatments that have been proven to cause more death and sickness than the disease itself. It has now been proven that Covid 19 was engineered in a lab using American tax dollars and it was infecting the world long before the claimed Wuhan wet market timeframe (blood bank tests prove this). The WEF event 201 practice event was actually likely going on when the real event had already been released.

To have a new document summarizing these facts with over a million signatories stemming from the Missouri case and showing a consensus of the silenced would likely be a tipping point. It would need to hold those in a position of authority that acted against the better judgement of true professionals that are able to speak with authority on the subject far more than the Fauci's or Governors that did the absolute wrong thing at the wrong time.

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I’m deeply grateful and greatly admire the work that Dr. Bhattacharya has done, including very early research showing that the Covid illness was not any more deadly than the ordinary flu, the Great Barrington Declaration, and early intelligent information about the problems with the EUA covid injections and how natural immunity was the best path to herd immunity, and many other very important well-researched contributions since those early days of the plandemic. What holds me back from contributing are remarks like in the recent article by Rav Arora, which labelled all mothers, fathers, doctors and others who have been trying to warn the rest of us about the dangers of the entire childhood vaccine schedule since about 20 years ago as “kooks”. I know many many parents and grandparents who regret that they didn’t hear about or listen to those “kooks”, and one of the reasons they didn’t is that so many others insist, out of their own full-blown ignorance, on labelling those who actually know about the dangers of those other vaccines, as “kooks”. That labelling needs to stop. It is never necessary or ok to put down anyone with a pejorative, let alone someone whose claims one hasn’t thoroughly investigated. There are now whole books written, with citations in the peer-reviewed literature, that document the dangers of the childhood vaccine schedule. Steve Kirsch has also published on his substack a long list of reasons to believe that those childhood vaccines cause autism. Please wake up and smell the coffiee, and in any case, stop using pejoratives for anyone, most especially others who are helping to alert all of us to the dangers of Big Pharma.

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I dream of a day when someone does a kickstarter for the masses or a partnership for well heeled health freedom movement benefactors t finance the purchase the cheapest mainstream media outlet that is open to hostile take over.

If one could reach even a small segment of the population through their usual propaganda channel it could be easy to red pill them, they could then spread the message amongst their other sleepy peers

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